Why do postpartum medical examinations?

To do a thoughtful postpartum medical examination, you can carefully detect the abnormal phenomenon in the new mother’s body, deal with it early, prevent problems before, and avoid postpartum mothers to affect the baby’s health.

After childbirth, there have been a lot of subtle changes in the body. After rest and recuperation, what exactly did the organs inside the body recover? Do a considerate postpartum medical examination at a time. It is suffering from it before, and it can also avoid postpartum mothers’ illness affecting the baby’s health. Generally, new mothers need postpartum medical examinations, which not only protects her health, but also prevents her baby from affecting the health problems of the new mother.

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The postpartum medical examination can be resolved by the recovery of the mother’s body, especially the recovery of the compression of the urinary system and the reproductive system recovery.

Postpartum medical examinations generally include blood routine, urine routine, gynecological vaginal mirror, secretion examination, breast examination, gynecological ultrasound, urinary system color Doppler ultrasound, breast examination, internal medicine examination, pelvic examination, ECG, bone density, height weight and other general physical examinations, etc. Check item. Specifically, what inspection items do you need to do, you can contact Merlot consultant to choose the appropriate medical examination package according to your requirements.

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