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Why do some girls bring their own fragrance?Everyone has their own experience, what kind of taste are you

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In school, the girl always felt a fragrance when I walked from me, but I asked the female friend that they didn’t feel much and couldn’t smell it at all.I asked my roommate again, and they said that there were two female classmates in the class and milk fragrance.Is there a fragrance of girls?Or my illusion?

Speaking of body incense, it is estimated that the first picture of many people’s minds is the classic scene of the butterfly when the fragrant concubine with the body in “Returning Pearls” dances. So what is the body incense?Where does the human body fragrance come from?Let me tell you today.

1. How did the body fragrance come from?

There is currently no clear conclusion about the source of body incense. There are 2 kinds of mainstream doctrine.

The first statement is that the body incense is mainly due to the sex hormone hidden and released in the human body, and the results of interaction with some chemical composition in the diet. It can change with the increase of age.The most obvious, but it is generally not heard.

The second statement is that the body incense is a mix of secretions of a variety of glands. The most important of which is the secretion of the sweat glands.It should be noted that the sweat secreted by everyone contains a certain “butyl ester”. If the concentration is thin, it may show a fragrant body.Body odor.

The pheromone secreted in the human sweat glands, also known as external hormones (mostly male finger male anethone, female is estrogen glycol). After secreting it in vitro, if it is performed by other individuals of the same species through the olfactor organ, it can be performed.A certain kind of behavior, emotion, psychology, or physiological mechanism change.However, the taste of pheromone and secretions is really too weak, and it is difficult to make people smell the taste through the olfactory organ. Therefore, the above statement has not received consensus and no large data support. It can only be used as a reference.

If it is not the smell of sex hormones or skin glandular secretions, what kind of smell will “body fragrance”?

In fact, the body fragrance is likely to be “pickled”. The various spices in daily chemical products are covered on the surface of the skin, exuding fragrance.

The “body incense” that everyone often smells comes from the following chemicals.

The first category: aldehyde spices, representing substances include citron, laureldehyde, benzaldehyde, etc., which are widely used in fragrance, spices, perfumes.

The second category: alcohol spices, which represent material, include mint, lavender alcohol, fragrant alcohol, etc., are the main components of mint oil, lavender oil, and rose flavor.

The third category: ester spices, representing substances include acetate, alcoholic leaf ester, and salicylicate ampodes, etc., which are often used as soap and shampoos.

In addition, there are also substances such as lactone, ketones, multi -ring, hybrids, hydrocarbons, acids, etc., which can be transferred to thousands of incense types.These chemicals are widely existed in daily necessities. After a long time, they may form their own unique fragrance and become women who “with incense”.

Therefore, the body incense is likely to “pickle” the taste, not born with its own.But it is undeniable that because of the existence of various factors, everyone’s body taste is unique.

2. Why do everyone’s body taste is different?

Studies have shown that everyone’s body taste is mainly from sweat, and the reason why sweat can form a unique body taste has a certain relationship with genes and microorganisms of the human body.

Generally speaking, most European and Africans have grown tall and rough, and have a stronger taste. Asian people have changed because of the ABCC11 genes on the chromosomes, resulting in a decrease in sweat glands secretion and the smell is lighter.

When the sweat is secreted, the microorganisms parasitic on the surface of the skin produced a scent compound, so under the dual action of genes and microorganisms, we obtained our unique smell.

However, some people do not like their own taste, because if they are not careful, they may become underarm odor.

3. Control underarm odor and give you a move

The underarm odor is mainly composed of volatile organic compounds. Volatal fatty acids (VFAS) and sulfol are the main components, especially sully, although a small amount, but the most pungent.When it appears, it is really embarrassing, so it is critical to solve it in time.

First of all, pay attention to keeping the armpit cleaning, bathing frequently, and keeping local dryness. Usually, it is best to wear some loose and breathable clothing to reduce sweat and prevent underarm odor.

Secondly, it can also reduce the evaporation of sweat through hair removal, thereby controlling the body’s taste, or to reduce the effect of sweat and bacteria by deodorant or sweaty antritzent.

Finally, it can also be removed by some medical beauty methods, such as injecting Botox toxin.However, it is not a disposable project, and multiple treatment needs to be treated according to personal circumstances.

Through the above introduction, we can find that the body incense is not as mysterious as everyone imagined. Few people have their own incense, and they are generally “pickled” by daily chemical supplies.As long as most people keep the most basic clean and tidy, if you like incense, you can spray some perfumes appropriately!

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