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Why do some people laugh?

Why do some people laugh?

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There are about two reasons for laughing that it is not good -looking. One is that the muscles that control the smile are not sensitive enough. The other is that there is a fake smile, that is, the commonly referred to the skin that the skin is not laughing. Eyes will not deceive people.

We all know that human facial expressions are controlled by expression muscles. There are 44 facial expression muscles. Through the cooperation with blood vessels and bones, a total of more than 5,000 expressions can be made. When we laugh, as many as 17 muscles on your face will move. Among them, the muscles that mainly mobilize the face of the facial smile include pathellatory muscles, myboneisis, orbicularisis muscle, etc. They jointly pull the facial smile expression.

For those who are happy and good -looking, we can see that there are so many rules: the corners of the TAs will rise, the apple muscle will bulge, the corners of the eyes will sink, the lying silkworm raised, the happier the smile, the eyes of the eyes, the eye wheel, The greater the degree of shrinkage of permuscular and o’at muscles.

And some people can’t laugh, or they laugh naturally. One is because the muscles that control the smile are not sensitive enough, or the degree of activation is not enough, resulting in a cold smile.

The second is because of “fake laugh”, which is also the most common situation of laughter.

We can observe a few expressions in WeChat expressions about laughter. Why do we often feel the expression of “smile”, can we mean? If someone smiles, I always feel that this person is not laughing from the heart.

In fact, in these expressions, whether it is “smile”, “laugh”, “laugh”, “cute”, “smirk”, the corners of the mouth are grin, that is, the eloquent muscles are hard, but they are grinning. The degree of degree is different. However, the difference between “Smile” and other smiles is the corner of the eyes. The rest of the eyes are bent because of the smile, and the eyes of only “smile” expressions are open eyes, and the eyes look down, and there is no smile in the eyes.

Therefore, the real smile is completed by the custard muscles and the orbicularisis muscles. Among them, the macromiole is controlled by consciousness, and the orbicularis muscle can only be activated by the real smile.

Even saying that there were some smiles, the corner of the mouth was bent, but others would think that they were laughing because there was a smile in their eyes.

For those who laughed at the corner of the mouth, they are often because of the wrong muscle in the process of laughing. The upper mouthpiece, lowering corner muscles, and lower lip muscles are unintentionally dominated, resulting in a small bitter gourd.

For this situation, you need to work hard to activate the large muscle, and often practice “eggplant”; or take a chopsticks sideways in the mouth, bite the middle part of the chopsticks, and then laugh, the teeth are bitten by biting the chopsticks that the chopsticks are not moving, The strength is as natural as possible. At this time, the range of facial expressions and lips rises just right.

To sum up, a funny look is the result of the common effect of facial muscles. If you want to laugh well, the happiness from the heart is the most important than looking good. Because no matter how hard the corner of the mouth laughs, the beautiful arc is not cheated.

What should I do if I laughed not to look good


1. Usually laughing and warm -hearted girls are not our traditional cherry mouth. The girl with a very small mouth itself is due to the laugch muscle stretching. Tear the feeling.

2. When you do n’t laugh, the girl facing the corner of the mouth will be slightly up, forming a straight line, which is particularly generous and beautiful, and the corner of the mouth of her mouth will rise even when she laughs, which will affect the squeezing into the apple muscle.

3. The effect of the lip shape is also very big. If you want to laugh, you are not embarrassed. The lips are thin. Only rich lips can provide stretching space for laughter.

Why do some people laugh?


1. Neat and white teeth are a must -have for perfect smiles. If the shape of the teeth is not good, there are teeth, lack of teeth, and crooked, etc., you can only pout and laugh, or consider the whole teeth.

2. Secondly, the teeth of girls who laugh better are usually slightly larger than ordinary girls’ teeth. It will be very dignified.

3. The internationally recognized standard smile is only 6-8 teeth on the top.


1. When you laugh, your eyes are curved like crescent eyes. Usually the structure of this eye is a little thicker than the lower eyelids, that is, the upper eyelid has fat and flesh. Strongly give people a warm feeling.

2. Usually a girl with big eyes is more likely to squeeze the crow’s feet when they laugh, which will lower the smile score. Pay attention to maintaining the skin around the eyes.

3. When the eye distance is slightly wider, it will be more harmonious.

Face shape

1. If you want to laugh and look good, the face cannot be too narrow and wide. The facial features are crowded when the face is too narrow. If you laugh too wide, you will be more big and short.

2. Girls with flesh on their faces are more suitable for leakage and laughter. The outlines of their faces are longer. The net reds of Guazi face are generally pouting, because they will make a chin even more sharp.

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