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Why do women stand urination when bathing?In addition to cool, there are 3 reasons, don’t be embarrassed

“Xiao Jiu, I found that my girlfriend likes to stand with urine when taking a bath. Is this a quirk?” This is a private message I saw in the background a few days ago.

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As we all know, due to the different physiological structure of men and women, girls generally squat or sit with urine. If you stand urine, it is easy to urinate and wet pants …

But in fact, there are still many women who have tried to urinate, especially when taking a bath. What kind of experience is this? Let’s take a look at the sharing of netizens:

@: In fact, the female girlfriends around me have such experiences, which means that it is very comfortable and will not get to the thighs, but it is usually like this when bathing … if the bladder pressure is too small, it is too small, and it is too small. It will stay along the leg, and it will be a bit dirty.

@: As a senior girl standing, I feel more comfortable than squat anyway. However, due to the lack of hard conditions, some parts may flow down the thighs.

@6pwkko: I have liked to stand urine when I was bathing. I tried in the public toilet. Because I was a toilet, I could only stand, but because I was too urgent, I did not control it. It is really embarrassing to flow to the thigh …

1. Why do some women like to be urinating?

Women stand in urine. Due to the different structure of reproductive organs, they are prone to wet pants, so most people choose to do this while taking a bath. Some relevant data surveys show that about 62%of people have had the behavior of “urine during bathing”, and both men and women have experienced.

Why do people like to be urinating while taking a bath? In fact, in addition to feeling comfortable and refreshing, it is also affected by three factors.

On the one hand, this is not a quirk, just a conditional reflection. It is as if a person sees the plum, the mouth will naturally secrete saliva.

When taking a bath, the sound of flowing water is a bit similar to our sound. The brain will connect this sound with “urination”. When the faucet is opened, the sound of the flow stimulation stimulates the brain association to think of the urination process and stimulate us to have urine.

On the other hand, the human skin can accelerate blood circulation through hot water during the bath. After the blood flow of the kidneys, the secretion of diuretic hormones will increase, and the urine will also produce.

Similarly, when bathing, the human brain and muscles are relatively relaxed, and the brain cortex and the muscles that control urination have also been relaxed, so the ability to control urination has also weakened.

Second, women stand urinating, can it be susceptible to gynecological diseases? Don’t be fooled

There are many saying that “girls do not stand urinating when they take a bath, otherwise it is easy to infection and suffer from gynecological diseases.” In fact, this is all flickering. Xiao Jiu explained in two cases:

1. urethral infection

First of all, talk about urethral infections. The normal urination process of the human body is roughly the bladder -urethra -discharge. In the middle, the cooperation of the urinary muscle and urethral sphincter needs to be roughly: forcing the urinary muscle to shrink -the pressure of the bladder increases -at the same time Subcutation relaxation -urine flowing out.

It can be seen that no matter what posture you use to unlock urine, as long as the urine muscle and urethral sphincter are coordinated normally, there will generally not be endless urine, and there will be no urethral retrograde into the bladder and kidney infection.

2. Gynecological disease

Urine may cause gynecological diseases, mostly due to private parts such as vaginal port and anus, and they are not cleaned in time.

But for women, whether sitting urine, squatting, or standing urine may cause the situation of urine flow to the vaginal opening, which has nothing to do with what posture. But remind women that after urinating, it is best to wipe the vulva with a paper towel (wiped from the front to back).

Urelatic inflammation and gynecological diseases are not caused by urine, standing urination is just a problem of habits, hygiene and convenience.

Third, I can’t help going to the toilet before going to bed. Is the kidney bad?

Many people can’t help but run to the toilet before going to bed to sleep with peace of mind. Is this a bad kidney or a simple psychological problem “making monsters”?

The “sense of ritual” before going to bed may be related to the cause of 3 aspects. First, neuro urinary frequency, a psychological urination implies; the second is conditional reflection, which has developed a habit of urination before bedtime; the third is that the bladder is too sensitive, even if even There are only few urine, which will cause urine and need to be relieved to the toilet.

However, if the increase in “nighturia” occurs, these four reasons must be considered:

Normal people urinate 4-6 times during the day, 0-1 times at night, and the number of night urine times can be judged as “increased night urine”, which causes many reasons for the increase in yinur. for example:

1. Increased physiological nighturia

Drinking too much water during the day, you may drink milk before going to bed, eat fruits or foods with more water content, etc., which will cause increased urine volume, which is normal.

2. Prostate hyperplasia

Common men in elderly men, due to the decline of prostate dysfunction, leading to excessive dysfunction syndrome, frequent urination, urgency, and inconvenience occur, which leads to an increase in the number of nighturia.

3. Bladder disease

When inflammation is produced in the bladder site, the urine excretion will occur abnormal. In addition to frequent urination and urgency, it may be accompanied by increasing the phenomenon of nighturia.

4. Diabetes

Blood glucose fluctuates greatly, and patients will have dry mouth and need to drink a lot of water.The amount of drinking water increases, and the amount of urine excretion will increase.There are many reasons for the increase in nighturia, not necessarily the problem of “urinary system”.It needs to be discharged step by step to identify it.If the disease is excluded and you want to reduce the nighturia, you should first adjust it from the lifestyle: if you eat less salt, drink less water before going to bed, exercise more pelvic floor muscles, and exercise the contraction function of the sphincter and the anal muscle, thereby reducing urine.

Of course, if you cannot clearly judge whether it is caused by a physiological phenomenon, it is recommended to seek medical treatment early and do a specific examination to a clear diagnosis.

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