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Why do women’s private parts turn black?The secret of the private parts turned white

Women’s private parts are always black. What is the reason? Some people say that the number of sexual life from the color shades of women’s private parts is true? In addition to affecting the beauty of the private parts, sometimes it is embarrassing. How can we make private parts whitening?

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(Why does the private part of a woman turn black? The secret to the white private parts)

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Women’s nipples and vagina are difficult to detect because they are covered all year round, but attentive people find that these two places slowly turn black. Why?

There are three main reasons for the dark parts:

1. Genetic cause.

2. Sexual life is too frequent.

3. Normal pigmentation. In sexual life, the vaginal port and nipples are stimulated, resulting in increased pigmentation, and its color will deepen with time.

Therefore, it is not wise to simply determine her sexual life with the darkness of her private parts. So, how can we make her whitening for black private parts?

Methods as below:

One point of honey and three -point flour or pearl powder (that is, 1: 3) stir into a mask and apply it on the private parts and areola. After 15 minutes, wash it off, then use a hot towel to apply it several times. Just rub the toner.

Generally, you can see obvious changes at 5 or 6 times under normal circumstances. If the color of the private part is obvious, the cycle is extended.

Of course, pearl powder is better than the whitening effect of flour, but because it is used in private parts, the quality requirements are high. The pearl powder selected must be pure natural and non -irritating, so the price is relatively high. Usually replacing flour replacement is also possible.

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