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Why do you always bite your tongue?Don’t care, maybe these three diseases “find your door”

“Xiao Jiu, I heard that I can see what disease on my body is. You look at me. I feel that the tongue is very red recently.

“Hey, you are really right, some health problems in your body can indeed be reflected through the tongue.”

In fact, the tongue on each of us, in addition to speaking and tasteing deliciousness, we also have the health of the body.

1. The tongue is the “healthy rails” of the body

First of all, let’s take a look at the healthy tongue:

The healthy tongue is pink, with a layer of light white tongue coating on the surface.

In fact, many reasons can cause tongue discomfort, and some problems may also affect people’s normal life. At the same time, some abnormalities in the tongue may be the feedback of physical health issues

Tongue color: look at the color of the tongue, you can predict some diseases

① The tongue is red: the faint tongue coating disappears, and the whole tongue is red, like a piece of blood -red beef, which is the manifestation of the atrophic glossitis, mainly due to anemia, lack of nutrition, and Candida infection.

② Tongue hair is white: thickened tongue coating, and the white layer of white covers the surface of the tongue, which will look white, mainly due to poor oral hygiene, saliva reduction, cold, or physical infection.

③ red and white: some parts of the tongue are red, some places are white, like a swamp, and there are characteristics of moving everywhere.

This spots are related to factors such as genetic, immunity, mental psychology, endocrine, and generally have no harm and can be relieved by themselves. However, if it has not disappeared within 2 weeks, it is necessary to perform oral examinations.

Tongue shape: The shape of the tongue is flat oval, and the edge of the tongue is smooth

① Fat teeth marks: The tongue looks white and swollen, friction with the edges and teeth, and teeth marks. People with fat tongue are accompanied by more saliva, fear of cold, cold hands and feet, and often feel tired. This is actually a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

② Small red tongue: Contrary to the fat tongue, it is a thin red tongue, which is usually common for the elderly. This may indicate the loss of kidney yin or fever.

Tongue coating: Healthy tongue, only a faint layer of tongue coating

① The tongue coating is white and greasy: that is, a thick layer of white tongue coating on the tongue cannot be scratched, indicating that the spleen and stomach are not good, indigestion, and often occur in diarrhea and stomach pain.

② yellow thick and greasy fur: tongue coating is very thick, and it is pale yellow, and it has a greasy feeling. This is caused by damp heat in the body. This tongue looks like a lot of people who love drinking.

2. Do “sports exercise” for your tongue

The tongue can explain the physical health, and it can also achieve the purpose of strengthening the body through the exercise of the tongue.

The tongue exercise exercise shared below can be done once every morning, middle, night.

Action 1: After washing your face in the morning, the tongue stretched out and indented in the mirror, and did 10 times each. Then, the tongue swinged 5 times on the outside of the mouth.

Action 2: Sitting on the chair, putting your hands on your knees, and leaning forward slightly. Inhale from the nostrils, then opened his mouth, stretched out his tongue and exhaled, and opened his eyes at the same time, looked ahead, and repeatedly made 3-5 times.

Action three: Open your mouth, stretch your tongue and shrink. At the same time, use your tip of your fingertips from the ears and ear velvery to the throat, rub it 30 times up and down.

Action four: Open your mouth, your tongue slowly extends, stays for 2 to 3 seconds, and repeatedly do 5 times. Then, the head was leaning, the chin stretched, opened his mouth, stretched out his tongue, stayed for 2 to 3 seconds, and repeatedly did 5 times.

Through this set of tongue “gymnastics”, it can not only reduce the occurrence of oral diseases, delay the aging of taste, and exercise the effect of facial muscles; it can also effectively prevent diseases such as hypertension, asthma, tinnitus, and dementia.

Third, often bite your tongue, be careful of a precursor to critical illness

In our daily life, when we are talking or eating, we accidentally bite our tongue. In fact, it does not matter if we bite the tongue occasionally, but if we often bite our tongue for no reason, we must be vigilant.

1. Oral problem

If there are gingivitis, caries, etc., you will have the habit of chewing on the side

When oral ulcers, you will also consciously avoid the pain area, and you should go to dental examination as soon as possible.

2. Stroke precursors

If the elderly often bite the tongue or cheeks, the elderly may be a precursor of stroke.

Before a stroke, the clogging of the brain will damage the nerves that dominate the tongue or chewing muscle movement, so that the mouth and the tongue can not exercise flexibly, and it is easy to bite the tongue.

If you find that the elderly often bite the tongue, accompanied by headaches, unstable walking, and unclear words, they must quickly seek medical treatment.

3. There are problems with nerves

I often bite my tongue unconsciously, and almost every time I bite the same part, it is likely that there are problems with nerve.

If you do n’t bite when you sleep, get up in the morning to find your tongue pain, it is best to find a neurologist for examination.

Pay attention to disinfection and cleaning when you bite your tongue

After accidentally biting the tongue, most people only make a “oops” or “hissing”, and they will bear the pain, regardless of the disregard.

In fact, the mouth contains countless bacteria. When the tongue is ruptured, it is easy to give bacterial invasion opportunities, causing problems such as tongue inflammation and wound rupture.

Therefore, when biting the tongue:

First of all, you should pay attention to disinfection and cleaning. For example, when you find that there are blood bubbles, don’t rush to bite. When it slowly absorbs it, it can be healed with watermelon cream spray on the wound for 4-5 days.

When eating, it is best to avoid the wound and reduce the consumption of acidic food to avoid stimulating the wound. You must rinse your mouth immediately after eating to prevent secondary infection.In ancient China, the ancestors had found a healthy secret of the tongue. The tongue diagnosis was the most classic disease method at that time.Therefore, when the tongue appears different, don’t ignore it. If you find that you can’t judge the symptoms, you should find a professional doctor for identification.

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