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Why do you find you “Shao Sperm”?See if you are these two types

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Men symbolize strong, reliable, and tough, but if there is no sperm “support”, men cannot be “tough”. Some men, which are tortured by “less sperm volume” in their lives, led them to lack a manly. In response, 39 Health Network invited Deputy Chief Physicians of the Institute of Urology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University to answer the “unspeakable hidden” in their hearts.

How to judge whether the sperm concentration is different from ordinary people? Mainly look at two aspects

Judging whether the number of sperm is abnormal, in general, including two aspects: the first aspect is the concentration of sperm in the semen per milliliter; the second aspect is the total volume of the semen. The so -called sperm concentration is how many sperm in 1 ml of semen; and the total number of so -called sperm, that is, the concentration of each ml sperm is multiplied with the total amount of semen volume.

The sperm concentration of each ml of semen is normal for more than 15 million per milliliter, and the total amount of semen should be 1.5 ml or more than 2 ml. In other words, the total number of sperm should be more than 22.5 million in the sperm sperm. If it is lower than this number, it is estimated that it is Shao Sperm.

Associate Professor Tian Long said that if the number of sperm is diagnosed is abnormal, patients are generally recommended to repeat the examination. This is mainly because some patients do not put a few drops of sperm in the specimen box when semen takes semen, and the sperm concentration of the first few drops of semen semen is concentrated. It’s the highest. If you do not take the correct method, it will easily cause numerical disorders.

Low sperm concentration, these two factors are “dysfunction”

Deputy Chief Physician Tian Long pointed out that the number of sperm in men’s semen is low, most of which are due to abnormal sperm production function of testicles. So, why does the testicular abnormal function of spermatogenesis appear?

1. Low primary sperm concentration

The original sperm concentration is low, and generally starts from puberty. In adolescence, the concentration of male sperm has begun to decrease. This situation is generally caused by some congenital diseases. For example, those who have such diseases have very small sperm. In addition, some genetic diseases, such as ACF, can also affect the output of sperm.

In addition to congenital disease factors, if men have a micro -deficiency in Y chromosomes, it will also affect the production of sperm and lead to obvious young sperm.

2. Low secondary sperm concentration

The low concentration of secondary sperm concentration refers to the phenomenon of spermatozoa caused by the normal semen examination, but it is caused by certain diseases. Low secondary sperm concentration is generally caused by reproductive diseases such as the daytime testosteroids, cryptoptectic tests, and sperm varicose veins. If you are unfortunately “entangled” by these diseases, the ability of testicular refinement will weaken, which will cause the number of sperm and quality to worry.

How to treat sperm concentration?

Talking about the treatment of younger sperm disease, Deputy Chief Physician Tian Long mentioned two precautions:

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Note 1: For secondary ejaculation, it is best to figure out the cause first and then treat symptomatic treatment. If patients have hypercultin lesy due to pituitary micronoma, then when treating minor sperm, they need to be treated with surgery or endocrine regulation. Later, the patient’s sperm concentration will also slowly recover.

Note 2: For too little semen caused by incomplete obstruction of the ejaculation tube, the obstruction site can be expanded through seminal vesicles to make the semen discharge normally.

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