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Why do you get hypertension

The causes of high blood pressure are stressful, mental, obese, overweight, staying up late, bad habits and high -salt diets.High pressure and mental tension are the main causes of hypertension.Stress and tension can cause sympathetic nerve excitement, blood vessel contraction, and cause blood pressure to rise.Obesity and overweight are also important causes of hypertension. Obesity causes metabolic disorders, fat accumulation, and blood vessels in the body, leading to increased blood pressure.Many patients with high blood pressure, weight loss is a very important auxiliary means.Staying up late is a phenomenon that many people will have now. Staying up late usually leads to insufficient sleep, which causes nervous excitement and blood vessel contraction, which causes blood pressure to rise, thereby forming hypertension.Bad habits, such as tobacco and alcohol, nicotine in tobacco can cause blood vessel smooth muscle contraction and cause blood pressure to rise.Alcohol can cause arterial blood vessels, reduce the elasticity of blood vessels, and ultimately lead to high blood pressure and excessive sodium salt intake, which will cause sodium water retention, increase blood vessel capacity, and eventually lead to increased blood pressure.

It is recommended that patients with hypertension should avoid eating meat with high saturated fatty acids or processing products with high saturated fatty acids, such as sausages, bacon, ham sausage, and secondary taste of pickles, pickles, peppers, mustard, curry and other heavy flavorsThe seasoning, you should also avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, and strong tea. These spicy and irritating drinks will increase the excitement of myocardial muscle, so as to increase blood pressure. You should eat less animal oils, try to use vegetable oil or olive oil, animal oils, fats and fats as much as possibleThere are fatty meat, animal internal organs, and some deep -sea fish, such as tuna and eels. The saturated fatty acids contained in it are also very rich. It is also recommended to reduce consumption as much as possible.The salt sugar content of these foods is very high. The dietary principles of patients with high blood pressure are low -salt and low -fat diet, that is, eat less high -salt food and high -fat food.The main principles for dietary therapy are food diversification, pay attention to thickness, and restricted drinking. In the absence of chronic kidney disease, patients can eat more milk and bean products.Usually eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat, reduce high fat and oil intake. Pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, the distribution of three meals should be reasonable, the amount of food can not be eaten, after the meal,sports.

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