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Why do you have a sour legs in menstruation?Improve

For symptoms during menstruation, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, headache, chest pain, etc. are all troubles of many girls, but few people will notice the symptoms of leg acid and weakness. But in fact, there are not a few people who are acidic and no strength during menstruation. On that time, menstruation is acidic, and even walking is affected. Why?

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Most of the symptoms of menstrual leg acid will be alleviated or even disappeared after the second day of menstruation, and symptoms of leg acid will also disappear after severe. Overall, the menstrual leg acid has the following reasons.

Calcium deficiency: There will be a certain amount of calcium during menstrual periods. If calcium deficiency is defined, calcium loss will make the symptoms of calcium deficiency more obvious, manifested as leg acid and fatigue.

Excessive blood volume: When the amount of blood is too much, the loss of red blood cells increases, the blood volume of the blood decreases, and the muscles will not get sufficient oxygen supply, and the symptoms of leg acid will occur.

Pelvic congestion: Pelvic congestion during menstrual periods, compressing the vein of the lower cavity, can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the lower limbs, which causes sore calf, and severe people will also sore or abdominal pain in the lumbosacral region.

How to relieve the calf soreness during menstruation?

Rest more

Menstrual leg acid is a manifestation of weak constitution. After this symptom, you should rest more to avoid excessive fatigue and cause physical discomfort.

keep warm

During the menstrual period, it is easily accumulated by menstrual blood stasis, and the symptoms of waist and knee soreness are aggravated. Do not eat cold or cold foods during menstruation. Pay attention to keep warm, protect the back and waist and abdomen, and avoid cold leg acid and dysmenorrhea.

Calcium supplement

If the menstrual period is acidic and is usually accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, cramps, insomnia, irritability and anger, it may also be related to calcium deficiency. You can eat more calcium -rich foods such as sesame, milk, shrimp skin, laver, etc., or take calcium and vitamin D to supplement calcium.

Nourish qi and nourish blood

Menstruation is also a loss for qi and blood. Women are based on qi and blood, and can eat some foods that nourish qi and blood, such as Ejiao cakes, longan, red dates, rose tea, animal liver, etc.

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