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Why does the liver “harden”?Interpretation of the cause of liver sclerosis

Hepatitis cirrhosis is a very serious liver disease that everyone has heard. Many patients with cirrhosis often do not understand why they suffer from liver cirrhosis after being found out of this disease.

The results show that there are many factors that induce liver cirrhosis, and most of the cirrhosis occurs clinically to patients with chronic liver disease. The liver is in a bad state for a long time, good liver cells will gradually be necrotic, liver cells will begin to regenerate normally, and finally cause a great change in the structure inside the liver, and our liver begins to deform and harden. The factors that induce liver sclerosis are as follows:

1. Hepatitis virus infection:

There are three common hepatitis viruses in clinical practice, namely type B, C, and Ding type. If these three types of hepatitis patients are not treated in time, they will eventually evolve into cirrhosis.

2. Alcohol liver:

There are many men in life who have never suffered from liver disease at all, but in the end, they did get liver cirrhosis. The last question was caused by long -term drinking and alcoholic liver, because it is easy to cause liver cell damage after long -term drinking. Deformation and necrosis will occur at the most serious at the time of liver fibrosis, and liver cirrhosis will follow.

3. Long -term medication or contact chemicals:

There are also some people clinically because of frequent liver cirrhosis caused by medication. The most common drugs include double vinegar phenoling, Cindefen and methyl multi -based. In addition, chemicals such as carbon chloride and phosphorus are also the main maintenance of cirrhosis and phosphorus. reason.

4. Metabolic system disorder:

The cirrhosis caused by this factor is congenital and is almost “weak to return to heaven.” When the genetic factors in the body are sick, liver disease such as liver cirrhosis is slightly higher than that of ordinary people.

5. Parasitic infection:

The last cause of liver hardening is parasitic infection, because you do not pay attention to hygiene or do not treat it in time after being bitten by a bloodworm, which will cause liver fibrosis and eventually lead to cirrhosis.

Why does the liver be hardened? Do you know the induction factors of liver cirrhosis? After knowing the cause of linked liver cirrhosis, everyone must avoid these factors in the future life. In daily life, you should also pay attention to drinking less, eat more high -protein foods in your diet, and develop good habits that pay attention to hygiene and regularly go to the hospital to check your body. Try to help you avoid liver hardening as much as possible.

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