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Why is a woman’s “there” itching?Except for pubic lice, it is inseparable from these 9 reasons

Recently, a reader private message was received in the background:

During this time, my mood was very poor, especially a thing that made me embarrassing, which made my mood fall to the bottom of the valley.It is probably from the weekend. I do n’t know why. The privacy parts suddenly itchy. I usually pay attention to hygiene, and I have been cleaning and self -confidence. I have n’t lived in sex.

Later, I went online to check it. I seem to have pubic lice, but I am still a college student. I usually live with a few roommates. In addition, there are more contacts in the same class or the same college.People, why can’t I be infected by pubic lice?

There are two main ways to spread pubic lice

As a parasite visible to the naked eye, pubic lice parasites on the root of the hair of the human body, which is more common in pubic hair.The body length of pubic lice is about one to three millimeters and will not fly.

Sexual contact dissemination: The opportunity to catch the opportunity will run from the old host. Because its old nest is on the perineal area, the main way to infect pubic lice is sexual communication.Between husband and wife or between sexual partners, as long as one party is infected with pubic lice, the other is likely to be infected with a recruitment and infected with pubic lice.

Indirect contact dissemination: In addition to sexual contact dissemination, in the same living area, if a carrier of pubic lice is present, it may cause indirect contact dissemination.For example, in the same dormitory, I bed with pubic lice patients, pubic lice or eggs contaminate towels, sheets, toilets and other supplies. Others may be infected if they come into contact with these items.

What are the symptoms of infection with vulva?

itch!This is the biggest symptom of pubic lice infection.The severe itching often occurs near the pubic hair area and near the anus, and itching at night is even more powerful. This is because pubic lice rely on blood -sucking as a living, stimulating the skin nerves of the human body, so it feels itching.

Local rashes appear after pubic lice bitter, coupled with the scratching when itching, so it will be accompanied by scratch and blood scabs. It is common in the inside of the stock, lower abdomen and waist.Mish.

Burmal patients will also appear blue -gray spots on their bodies. Pressing will not fade, which can last for several months. This is caused by the saliva when pubic lice bites enters the blood.

In terms of treatment, because pubic lice are more common at the root of the pubic hair, shaving and hair need to be burned.In addition, patients’ underwear, sheets, and bath towels need to be completely disinfected and cleaned. Generally, boiling high temperature cleaning can be performed.

After suffering from pubic lice, sexual life should be prohibited to avoid transmitting diseases to each other.At the same time, family members must also do a good job of prevention.Topical 1%Malaathion powder, 25%to 50%of the traditional Chinese medicine, 1%R-666 cream or 25%benzolate emulsion can extinguish lice, or local spray of eliminating spiritual sprayWash in 3 minutes.

Drugs that treat pubic lice include Linkan washing agents, fragrance or cream, extinguishing Silin, sulfur ointment, etc. These can kill the pubic lice and eggs.The hospital can usually take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Preventing pubic lice, doing a good job of personal hygiene is the focus

A two -year -old girl in Xiamen always felt itchy eyes. She finally went to the hospital for treatment and found that she was infected with pubic lice.The doctor later took out more than 20 pubic lice and eggs at the root of the eyelashes of the little girl, then cut off the eyelashes, and handled it with cleaning and medicine.

Doctors said that infection should be caused by poor sanitary habits.Therefore, it is critical to pay attention to personal hygiene in preventing pubic lice infection.First of all, if you want to do a good job of personal hygiene, you have to take a bath and change clothes.

Secondly, if you have children at home, you must educate your children to develop good hygiene habits, and avoid sharing buds, brushes, towels, hats, clothing and other daily necessities.In addition to timely treatment of pubic lice patients, their sexual partners usually check and treat.

The clothes, bedding and pollutants used by patients should be boiled or ironed with iron.Finally, it is necessary to avoid high -risk or unclean sexual life, which can effectively reduce the probability of pubic lice propagation.

Extension reading: Vulvar itching causes many causes, pubic lice disease is just one of them

In addition to pubic lice, some other lesions can also cause itching.

Vaginal trichomoniasis: vulva, vaginal itching, foam -like leucorrhea, often accompanied by special odor. After scratching, dermatitis and eczema changes in vulva.

Actoric vaginitis: itching in the pussy, the redness of the vulva is leucorrhea and odor.

Terraper infection: Most of them are in young children, and adult women can also be infected. The tapeworm matches the eggs and spawns on the external part, and stimulates the skin mucosa of the vulva, causing local itching.

Derotics of the vulva: moss, eczema, and neurodermatitis can cause itching.

Rickname infection: Scabies infection can also cause itching in external parts.

Virus infection: Virus infections such as condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, can also cause itching of the vulva.

Sexual allergies: generally itching caused by allergies to semen or rubber allergies for semen.

Drug allergies: women with allergic constitutions take sulfa drugs to induce vulvar itching.

Local skin is unclean: The vulva skin is impregnated with menstrual blood, vaginal secretions, urine, feces and sweat, which can cause itching of the vulva.

Therefore, paying attention to personal hygiene and avoiding contact with allergies is the best way to prevent itching and other lesions.

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