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Why is alcoholism caused impotence?

In life and work, there will be some occasions that need to drink. Occasionally drinking one or two cups will not have much effect on health, but if you drink for a long time and even develop a bad habit of alcoholism, this will damage your health. Normal functions including sexual function will be affected, and even the symptoms of impotence will occur.

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Why is alcoholism producing impotence?

1. Effect on sex hormone metabolism

After a large amount of alcohol, the body of the male hormone testosterone in the blood will decrease. This is because alcohol will hinder the production of testosterone. In addition, under the stimulation of alcohol, the metabolism of the liver on testosterone will also be accelerated. Ere dysfunction.

2. Effect on the vascular system

After drinking, the body will feel hot, and the skin is flushed. This is because a large amount of blood is concentrated in the brain and skin blood vessels. If sexual life is performed at this time, because the sexual organs need sufficient blood to normally erection, it is easy to have erection disorders. Essence When the fever is redefined, the body will feel cold. At this time, sexual life will be performed, and the sexual organs will also be prone to erection disorders due to insufficient blood supply.

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3. Effect on the nervous system

After drinking, the brain will be excited briefly, but then it will turn into a state of suppression. If you have a hurry in this short excitement, it is easy to be too excited and rude, and the sexual power is deviated to provoking spouse dissatisfaction. This will often laid the root of impotence caused by poor mental and psychological state. When excitement turns to inhibit sex, at this time, due to the control of the nervous system in controlling sexual function, erection disorders are more prone to occur.

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