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Why is the chief stains?After reading this article, you know

Heart of beauty in everyone. In modern society, everyone pays more and more attention to their appearance, and many people want to have a clean face. At this time, pigmentation becomes a beautiful enemy. As we all know, long spots have no age restrictions, no gender restrictions, and no body parts restrictions. It can be said that the stains may be wrapped in you.

In fact, there is a reason for the formation of pigmentation. As long as you know the reason and prevent it in advance, you can largely reduce the risk of spots. Next, let’s take a brief understanding of the definition of pigmentation.

Do you know what stains are?

Poin spots refer to the size of different skin colors from the surrounding skin. It is a pigment disorders. Generally speaking, the epidermis of the pigment area is not swollen, rash, and no bumpy feeling. Common stains can be divided into five categories: freckles, melasma, after inflammation, pigmentation, seborrheic keratosis, and acquired Ota moles.

Freckles: A kind of brown dot -shaped pigmentation, often occurs on the face, and occurs in women.

Lloabichalite: A multi -factor leads to yellow -brown pigmentation shift on the face, which belongs to a subtype of skin black edge disease.

Pigment precipitation after inflammation: The local skin color caused by melanin deposition after skin inflammation is deeper than the normal skin color of the surrounding normal skin.

Lipopymalization: Also known as elderly warts and elderly spots, it belongs to the common benign tumor of the epidermal, and most of them occur in adults over 40 years of age.

Obtaining Ota Moles: Obtaining Tota Moles, also known as brown green moles and cheekbones, manifested as pigment spots scattered in the cheek.

After a simple understanding of the stains, we will understand the reasons that may induce stains.

These 4 factors may induce pigmentation

At present, the stains have not been fully clarified, and they are mostly considered to be related to the following 4 factors.


The onset of partial stains is related to ultraviolet rays. When the skin is illuminated by ultraviolet rays, the skin base will produce melanin protection. Frequent exposure of strong sunlight is easy to accelerate skin aging, and it can also cause dark spots and freckles.


From some clinical observations, freckles have a strong family genetic tendency, and other types of stains have not been known.

Hormone level

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Part of the stains after pregnancy will appear or deepen, mostly caused by estrogen in the body.

Use cosmetics

Cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin may cause skin allergies. At this time, if the ultraviolet rays are excessively exposed during the treatment, the skin will gather melanin with inflammation part, and pigmentation will appear.

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