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Why is the number of “gout” in our country approaching 100 million?Remind again: 6 habits, destroy joints

Chen Chen (a pseudonym), when he was a junior, he often gathered with his friends and went out to drink and barbecue. After returning, his feet began to hurt, but after two or three days, he improved. thing.

After graduation, because of the sales industry, it often needs entertainment. After eating crayfish with beer, I went home to “rest vegetables” directly. It hurts for a while, and I can only take a leave at home for a few days.

After the body improves, life is returning to normal, but it has not been long before I drink naked swelling after drinking, and this time it is particularly serious, the pain is completely untenable, so I went to the hospital at the help of my colleagues.

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After examination, it was diagnosed with acute gouty arthritis. Based on his situation, the doctor prescribed some medicines and told him to go back. He must take medicine on time, stay away from alcohol, do not eat high purine food, and drink plenty of water.

After this lesson, Chen Chen also realized the seriousness of the problem, and began to pay attention to the relevant knowledge of gout.

The word gout has become more and more frequent in the eyes of the public in recent years. What is the reason that causes so high gout? How should we protect it? Let me explain it today.

Why are more and more people suffer from gout?

1. Alcoholism

There is a close relationship between gout and alcohol. The more you drink, the greater the risk of onset. This is mainly because ethanol enters the body, metabolism can enhance lactic acid concentration, and this substance can affect the excretion of uric acid on the kidneys, which will cause uric acid to rise suddenly in the body and induce acute gouty arthritis.

Especially when drinking, the big fish and big meat are standard, and the two are matched with each other, which can easily soar uric acid in a short period of time, thereby inducing gout.

[Response measures] Try to stay away from alcohol, especially beer, gout patients are best to quit alcohol; during drinking, try to avoid barbecue, seafood, and animal internal organs. Reduce harm.

2. Bad eating habits

Including bad habits such as high purine, high sugar, and overeating. Foods such as a large amount of animal viscera (such as liver, kidney, brain, etc.), seafood (such as mussel clams, leucorrhea, scallops, etc.), thick meat soup, etc., can easily increase uric acid and induce gout;

And a large amount of foods with high sugar content, such as drinking drinks, can be converted into metabolites that synthesize purine, which can increase uric acid levels, thereby inducing gout; overeating can cause the blood uric acid level in the body to fluctuate obviously It affects normal metabolism, and it is easy to “recruit” gout in the long run.

[Response measures] Try to achieve a balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat, eat high purine and high sugar foods; eat three meals on time to avoid overeating, it is best to chew slowly.

3. Excessive fatigue

If people are in high pressure for a long time, the schedule is irregular. Stay up late and overdraw their bodies, which will also cause excessive energy consumption of the body. A large amount of metabolic waste can be accumulated in the body, including uric acid, which eventually leads to excessive uric acid.

[Response measures] It is recommended that you work hard and stay up late. When you work hard at this work, you should have no thoughts when you relax. Sometimes you rest and continue to fight, but it is more efficient. If you notice the signal of stress, learn to release the pressure and don’t let yourself be stretched all the time, so it is easy to get sick.

4. The joints are cold and injured

Joint injury is also easy to induce gout, because after joint injury, the number of white blood cells in the joint fluid can increase significantly, which can produce inflammatory cytokines under the stimulation of uric acid, induce inflammation, and then cause gout;

The joints are cold, which can cause uric acid in the blood to deposit in the joints and precipitates, forming uric acid crystals and inducing gout.

[Response measures] To prevent gout, we must pay attention to protecting their joints and avoid injuries. Do a good job of keeping warm at the same time. Don’t be greedy for air conditioning in summer. Remember to cover the quilt and protect the joints at night;

In winter, pay attention to keep warm. For some women, when wearing shorts and short skirts, some women directly light their legs. In this way, the legs are directly exposed to the cold air for a long time, which is also easy to induce gout.

5. Abuse medicine

Some drugs such as aspirin, diuretics, immunosuppressants, etc., if improper use, such as increasing or reducing the amount of drugs, changing drugs at will, can also promote uric acid synthesis, or interfere with uric acid excretion from the kidneys, causing uric acid to rise. Temptation of gout.

If you have to take these drugs due to the needs of the disease, you must follow the will, take the medicine on time, and regularly monitor the liver and kidney function. Because the kidney is responsible for excretion of uric acid, it depends on whether the kidney function is normal.

[Response measures] Before using any drugs, you should consult a professional physician before taking the medicine and use it under his guidance in order to solve the disease as soon as possible and minimize the side effects of the drug.

6. Some diseases are not controlled in time

For example, high blood pressure, if it is not controlled for a long time, will also inhibit the secretion of uric acid in the renal tubular, leading to retention of water and sodium, so that the concentration of uric acid will soar;

Or hyperlipidemia, such patients are often obese and have poor metabolic function. If it has not been improved in the long run, it will also lead to excessive accumulation of uric acid components in the blood, which is also easy to induce gout;

In addition, people with kidney diseases, due to kidney function (the body’s uric acid mainly depends on the kidney metabolism), so that uric acid cannot be metabolized normally, it is also easy to accumulate in the body, and eventually induces gout.

[Response measures] Timely treating the original disease in a timely manner, such as treating hypertension, taking antihypertensive drugs on time, and regularly monitoring blood pressure, actively exercising to control weight, balanced diet and active salt control, etc. The gout problem is naturally resolved. Summary: There are many factors that cause gout. Most of them are closely related to our living habits, eating habits, and medication habits. Therefore, if you want to prevent gout, you must pay attention to avoid these high -risk factors so that you can avoid the torture of gout. And once the symptoms of gout occur, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time. Only as soon as possible can we control the gout condition as soon as possible.

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