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Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

“How can it be cancer? This is too scary!”

Since the cooling of 52 -year -old Chen, since the cooling, it has been itchy and uncomfortable, especially at night, it is even more itchy and overwhelmed.Others said to him that people are old, and it is easy to skin itching in winter, but Uncle Chen’s itch is a bit different from others.

While itching the skin, Uncle Chen still had no strength and his skin was yellow.Accompanied by his family, Uncle Chen went to the local hospital for examination to diagnose the “obstructive jaundice” caused by bile duct cancer, which caused itching of the skin.

The result of this inspection was really unexpected by the Uncle Chen’s family, and the inspection film showed the tumor clearly.

Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

Itchy skin is too common in winter, but it is also because of common that many people often ignore it that it may be a cancer signal.

First, why do many people feel itchy as soon as they get in winter?

After the winter, many people will find that the skin starts with dandruff, and then it is local itching, which always makes people can’t help scratching.Why does “itchy disease” come out as soon as it is in winter?

1. Temperature changes

In the cold climate, in order to maintain heat, the human body will shrink the capillaries of the skin and slow down the blood flow. So sweat and sebaceous glands will be reduced, and the skin will become dry.

2. Bathing frequently, even bathing

Will you take a bath every day?For those who grew up in the south, they are uncomfortable without taking a bath. However, the oil secreted in the winter itself is insufficient. After bathing, the not much oil will be washed away again, and the skin will be more dry and itchy.

3. Body recession

With age, metabolic capabilities will also weaken, especially for elderly people with low metabolic levels, and sebaceous sweat glands will also cause physiological atrophy, decreased sebum secretion, and it is easier to itch.

4. Improper diet

Eating wrong in winter can also cause itching. Some people like to drink some warm wine in cold, eat some spicy foods, or eat some heavy -flavored foods, and these foods are too much to cause some people to be allergic to allergies, Treatment of itching.

Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

5. The indoor is too hot

Winter is cold, many people with physical deficiency, or elderly people like to stay in a warmer room.However, looking at the heating indoors, it is easy to make the air dry, the skin’s moisture is evaporated, and it is easier to aggravate itching.

2. Which itching may be related to cancer?

Skin itching is a common complication of malignant tumors. The pathogenesis may be: First, tumor tissue can produce more sensitive substances, including histamine, carcinoma protein, etc., which cause itching., Resulting in dissolving other tissue cells, or inflammation reactions, manifested in the skin to obvious itching.

Itching of skin is a more common symptom, so what are the itching related to tumor:

1. The reason is unknown, which can occur from the whole body or part

According to clinical observations, the patient was mainly stubborn skin itching in the early days. The whole body or local skin was rough and thickened. The skin patterns of the limbs were deepened. On the skin, it was like moss from a distance.

2. Overnight at night, accompanied by multiple symptoms

The itching of patients is becoming more and more obvious, especially at night, itching is worse, which seriously affects sleep. Patients are accompanied by weight loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

In the case, the uncle Chen, during the onset of the tumor, was itchy in stubborn skin, which caused difficulty falling asleep, mentally sluggish, and changing skin.In fact, in addition to the above symptoms, bile duct cancer may also cause abnormal stool while itching, with fat diarrhea, pottery color, and tea stool; digestive tract symptoms such as nausea, vomiting; fever and fever; body weight loss.When the skin itching is accompanied by the above symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital for examination immediately.

Third, always tickle, there is also risk of cancer

The first vicious circle:

Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

Everyone will find that the skin is easy to get more itchy.This is because the epidermal cells start to be active after the severe itching, and may release some itchy inflammatory medium, which further exacerbates itching

The second vicious circle:

Always scratching the skin, improperly controlled the strength, easily cause skin damage, and chronic skin injury does not heal for a long time, and it is trapped in a vicious circle of “injury-healing”. Under various stimulating factors, there may be risk of cancer, such as skin squamous carcinoma, such as skin squamous carcinoma, such as skin squamous carcinoma.It is one of the common cancer induced by long -term repeated stimulation.

Fourth, how to avoid skin itching in winter?

For the elderly, itching can occur all year round due to metabolism and skin cell activity degradation.What should I do when itching is the best way to relieve it?

1. Keep moderate cleaning

Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

Many elderly people will be neglected to take a bath due to inconvenient actions, and it is easy to itch after bathing frequently, but do not pay attention to skin hygiene, which will also cause oil and keratin to block pores and cause itching. The elderly can clean it once a week. When bathing, the elderly can clean it.Control the heat of the bath water, try to use a slightly heavier shower gel to avoid cleaning products such as soap such as soap.

2. Do a good job of dietary adjustment

Stimulating foods, including smoke, alcohol, fish, shrimp, pepper, leeks, green onions, garlic, etc., which can easily cause skin allergies, aggravate itching.Eggplant, peanuts, etc. can help keep the skin moisturizing, and it is not easy to get rid of peeling and withering.

3. Persist in exercise

Appropriate participation in physical exercise can help promote blood circulation and sweat secretion, reduce the symptoms of dry skin, and promote skin metabolism.Of course, the cause of itching, in addition to disease, may also be caused by a variety of reasons such as mosquito bite, solar stimulation, cosmetics allergies, etc. It is not to say that itching of the skin must be cancer.However, if it is severe symptoms and lasts for a long time, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to find the source of itching to better relieve itching.

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Why is the skin itching uncomfortable as soon as it is in winter?Five reasons are counting in my heart

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