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Why long cervical meat

Causes of cervical polyps include inflammatory stimulation, bacterial infection and endocrine diseases.

1. Inflammation stimulation: Some female patients have gynecological inflammation, because the symptoms of the disease itself are not obvious, they are not valued, and they do not have timely medical treatment, resulting in delay in the recovery of the disease.Repeated inflammation stimulation leads to local hyperplasia of the cervical mucosa, highlighting the cervical opening, and leading patients with cervical polypical symptoms.2. Bacterial infection: The incidence of cervical polyps in married women is usually very high, because most married women have experienced childbirth or miscarriage. These surgery may lead to the diseased tract of patients directly invaded the patient’s reproductive tract and cause infection.3. Endocrine disease: When the estrogen is too high, the endometrium hyperplasia will form polyps -like changes, manifested as cervical polyps caused by repeated bleeding and loosening cervical opening.

It is recommended to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and regularly go to the hospital for review after cervical polyps.

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