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Why novices smoke and dizzy

Novices smoke and dizziness are due to hypoxia in brain cells.

Smoking is harmful, not only harmful to human health, but also harmful to society.Any organized organic body, as long as there are signs of life, need to breathe, exhale the carbon dioxide in the body, inhale the oxygen in the air, perform metabolism, and maintain normal life activities.Tobacco leaves contain toxic nicotine, also called nicotine.One Knicine can poison 300 rabbits or 500 mice.Smoking has the most damage to the respiratory tract, and it is easy to cause cough diseases such as laryngitis, bronchitis, and emphysema.During smoking, smoke enters the mouth and enters the blood through the throat, trachea, and bronchies.Smoking can also cause men to lose Y chromosomes and increase the risk of cancer.Novice smoking and dizziness are caused by hypoxia of brain cells. Novices are not used to smoking. When smoking, it will cause hypoxia and dizziness.Smoking is harmful to health, it is recommended not to smoke as much as possible.If you really want to draw, do not pump too much at a time, you can gradually adapt to the state of hypoxia in the brain cells.If dizziness appears after smoking, it is recommended to breathe naturally in a good ventilation environment to improve dizziness.If you have conditions, you can suck oxygen, and you can quickly relieve dizziness symptoms.Harmful substances such as nicotine contained in cigarettes not only hurt the lungs, but also have great harm to large cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which can cause arteriosclerosis and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so try not to smoke.

If you want to effectively quit smoking, you must first establish your confidence in quitting smoking, believe that you can quit smoking, and understand the harm of smoking to yourself and others.Through learning related films related to smoking hazards, you can have disgusting cigarettes and gradually reduce smoking.When quit smoking, make a plan, such as reducing the number of smokers in half a month, reducing the frequency of smoking within half a month, and gradual progress until the final quitting.Effective quit smoking also requires the cooperation of family members.When smoking quitters want to smoke, the family can stop immediately, or transfer the attention of smoking quitters to achieve a better smoking quit effect.

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