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Will bacterial vaginitis be transmitted to men?

Bacterial vaginitis is usually transmitted to men without too much worry.

Bacterial vaginitis is a vaginal flora changing, the bacterial environment in the vagina loses a balance, and vaginal disease with mixed infection occurs.It is related to the reasons such as multiple personalized partners, inappropriate vaginal flushing and frequent intercourse.Generally speaking, it will not affect men.Because male genitals are exposed and are not suitable for bacterial survival, the infection will not occur without symptoms.Bacterial vaginitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, nor can it be transmitted through sex.Moreover, if women have bacterial vaginitis, their male partners generally do not need to be treated, because bacterial vaginitis is a disease caused by changes in women’s vaginal flora, and it is easy to recur.It will not be transmitted through sexual contact, and it has little to do with men, so it will not spread to men.

Pay attention to keeping the vulva clean and hygienic in daily life. You can rinse the vulva under the flowing water. Pay attention to changing the underwear frequently to help relieve the condition.

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