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Will cancer be inherited?Reminder: Elders suffer from 4 kinds of cancer, and the younger generations may “inherit”

The 11 -year -old boy actually found lung cancer?



Xiaochen (pseudonym) accidentally bumped into the chest at the age of 10, because of the pain of pain, the family took him to the hospital for examination. After a CT examination in the hospital, he found that a 5mm -sized flashed glass nodule was found.It is recommended to follow up regularly.However, because Xiao Chen’s body had no symptoms of discomfort, the family did not take this too seriously and did not go to the hospital for review.

Just two years ago, Xiaochen’s grandmother was also found to have a nodule in the medical examination. This year, it was reviewed and found that the nodule grew to 4cm, and further examination was diagnosed with lung cancer.After that, her grandmother performed minimally invasive surgery in the hospital and returned to the postoperative recovery.

The grandmother’s experience reminded the family of the nodules that Xiaochen was found at the time. He quickly found a doctor in the hospital for consultation. Under the CT review, he found that the possibility of nodules in the lungs of Xiaochen was very high. It is recommended to perform surgery immediately.EssenceAfter the pathological results of the operation, the doctor’s conjecture was confirmed that Xiaochen was diagnosed with the right lower lung adenocarcinoma. Fortunately, the time of the discovery was timely, and Xiao Chen was discharged from the hospital quickly after the operation.

Grandma and grandson were found to be cancer on the front and back feet. Does this indicate that the cancer on Xiao Chen is inherited from her grandmother?

1. What is the probability of elders with lung cancer?

Guo Xiaotong, director of the Shenzhen Hospital of the Shenzhen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that lung cancer will not be inherited directly, but lung cancer is genetically susceptible.If there is a straight family in the family who has suffered from lung cancer, your risk of cancer will be higher than ordinary people.

So the question is, what is the probability of the elders suffering from lung cancer?

A tracking survey in Japan showed that the risk of lung cancer was twice higher than those who did not have lung cancer compared to those who did not have lung cancer than those who did not have lung cancer.Of the patients suffering from lung squamous cell carcinoma, 37.8%had family genetic history.Among female patients, 58.3%of family genetic history.

For those who have cancer in the family, the risk of cancer itself is high, and it is better to prevent cancer than others.

2. Elders suffer from lung cancer, and younger generations should not do these things

Due to the different genetics of different individuals, some people who are also exposed to specific carcinogens have tumors, while others do not have tumors.This is related to individuals’ sensitivity to the carcinogen and the ability to repair DNA damage.

People with a family history of tumor family, when they are in the same carcinogenic factors with ordinary people, are more prone to mutation due to poor ability to repair DNA damage in the body.In this case, it is more likely to have irresistible cell proliferation, and the risk of cancer is higher.

To put it simply, for people who have lung cancer at home, they are more likely to be stared at with lung cancer with ordinary people.

So in order to reduce the risk of lung cancer, it is best to stay away from these carcinogenic factors

1. Smoking

Tobacco contains a variety of carcinogens. Smooth people have 10 times higher than ordinary people. The more smoking, the longer the smoke age, the higher the risk of lung cancer.If there is still lung cancer susceptible gene, it is worse.

2. Asbestos exposure

Asbestos is a kind of building material. If it is broken, because of its small fiber structure, it will deposit in the lungs after entering the body, which will easily stimulate the respiratory tract to cause inflammatory response, and then increase the risk of lung cancer.Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from the construction site and reduce the use of asbestos tiles and reduce the exposure of asbestos.

3. Long -term air pollution

Air pollution comes from transportation, indoor cooking, and fuel combustion. Indoor air pollution includes home air pollutants, second -hand smoke, formaldehyde released by furniture, volatile compounds contained in building materials, etc.There are obvious associations.

4. Eat too little fruits and vegetables

Studies in “Scientific Reports” pointed out that adhering to the dietary habits of fruit and vegetable models can reduce the risk of lung cancer, especially for smoking people and patients with lung lung carcinoma.”Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2022″ recommends that you consume 300g of vegetables and 200g-350g fruits every day. See if you meet the standard?

In addition to lung cancer, some other cancers also have obvious genetic easily sensuality. The family in the family is found to have these cancers, which also needs to be paid attention.

3. Some people in the family find out that these kinds of cancer need to pay attention to

1. Breast cancer

The two major family genetic genetic susceptibles of breast cancer are due to BRCA1 and BRCA2. The survey results of epidemiology show that the incidence of breast cancer in the family’s first -level relatives is twice that of ordinary people, which has obvious family aggregation.

2. Liver cancer

A 20 -year follow -up study of 1438 patients with liver cancer found that a group of relatives suffering from liver cancer in the family had no risk of liver cancer by 2.44 times compared with no liver cancer.Among them, the incidence of liver cancer with liver cancer with liver cancer is significantly higher than that of her father’s cancer.

3. Stomach cancer

Gastric cancer is a very high incidence of cancer in my country. Data show that there are 480,000 new gastric cancer cases in my country in 2020, of which family aggregation accounts for 20%.Common genetic gastric cancer includes genetic diffuse gastric cancer, family intestinal gastric cancer, and gastric adenocarcinoma.

4. Intestinal cancer

About 20-30%of the incidence of colorectal cancer in my country has the background of the cancer family, of which 5-6%can be recognized as genetic colorectal cancer.The occurrence of cancer is related to heredity, but not those who have a history in the family will definitely suffer from cancer.For those who are susceptible to cancer, daily can prevent cancer through healthy life, regular medical examinations and other means.Xiao Ai suggested that everyone should keep a balanced diet, do not smoke or drink, go to bed early and get up early, and get healthy every day.

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