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Will children’s bronchitis fever?

Bronchitis is the most common disease of pediatric respiratory systems, especially in winter. Bronchitis refers to inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, which is often involved at the same time as bronchials. This disease is often followed by acute infectious diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections and measles and pertussis.

The onset of bronchitis can be tough and slow. At first, most children have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, and they will gradually start coughing and gradually increase. The fever is optional, and the body temperature is not consistent. There is no fixed heat type. It will generally reduce fever by 2 to 4 days of fever, and will not continue to fever for a long time.

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If parents find that their children are suffering from bronchitis, the cough gradually worsen and the temperature continues to rise, and they should go to the hospital in time. Through doctors’ auscultation and chest X -ray filming to clarify whether they have pneumonia. Because children suffer from bronchitis, if inflammation is not controlled in time and inflammation spreads downward, it may lead to pneumonia.

When children suffer from bronchitis, if the fever is not high, it is generally not necessary to cool down, which can allow children to drink more water.

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