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Will dysmenorrhea be inherited?

Dysmenorrhea is generally not inherited and not hereditary, so don’t worry too much.

Dysmenorrhea usually has a certain relationship with various factors, such as poor menstrual blood discharge or endometrial in the uterine endometrium. It may also be because of poor uterine development.Pelvic inflammatory disease.Dysmenorrhea does not belong to hereditary diseases, so it is not inherited. If it is caused by dysmenorrhea caused by uterine adenomia or uterine fibroids, it may have a certain genetic tendency, but it may not necessarily generate inheritanceEssence

Dysmenorrhea usually causes severe pain in the abdomen. In severe cases, it is also accompanied by pale or cold sweat. It needs to be actively conditioned. For example, the abdomen is hot or the ibuprofen sustained release capsules are taken.In addition, pay attention to rest during menstruation, or keep a light diet. Do not eat cold and irritating foods, which can reduce the impact on menstruation.

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