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Will eczema be contagious?The 4 major care of eczema must be done!

Eczema is a skin disease of high incidence in spring. It is very itchy with eczema, which has tortured many people. In the impression of most people, skin diseases will be contagious, so after having eczema, they are afraid of transmission to their families, causing themselves to bear a lot of mental stress. Is eczema not transmitted? How to do a good job of living? Let’s take a look at it together.

Is eczema not transmitted?

Eczema is a skin inflammation response caused by a variety of internal and external factors. Most patients with eczema are allergic. Eczema caused by many factors is not contagious, so there is no need to put too much pressure on yourself after having eczema, thinking that you should stay away from others. Do not be too nervous for patients with eczema. Treatment and nursing can have good results, and they can live a normal life.

How should I do my life care after eczema?

1. Active treatment

Although it is talking about life care here, active treatment is a prerequisite for living care. If eczema is not treated, itching will be more serious and affect normal work and life, so active treatment must be performed after eczema. Only by active treatment can life care make sense.

2. Try to wear cotton clothes as much as possible

Pure cotton jackets are relatively breathable, and it does not stimulate the skin on the body. It is more comfortable to wear, which is helpful for the recovery of eczema. So try to choose cotton clothing when wearing clothes, and relax. If it is too tight, it is easy to rub to the affected area to make the affected area more itchy. Chemical fiber clothing is not desirable, the later stage is very poor, and it is also irritating to the skin, which will make the condition worse.

3. Pay attention to light diet

The spicy diet is also a factor that causes eczema, so if you want to make eczema better, you need to adjust to a certain amount. First, keep it light in your diet, and do not eat irritating food. Pay attention to the intake of nutrition and consume all kinds of nutrients balanced balanced.

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4. Pay attention to moisturizing

Spring climate is relatively dry, and the dry climate will also cause eczema. If you do not do moisturizing work well after eczema, eczema will be more serious. Moisturizing work should start from two aspects. The first aspect is to do the skin’s moisturizing, and skin care products and body milk with moisturizing effects must be selected. The second aspect is to pay attention to the moisturizing of the living environment. Buying an air humidifier is a good choice.

Eczema is not infectious, and patients with eczema should not have too much psychological pressure, and normal life can be. For eczema should be treated and nursing, if only treatment does not pay attention to life care, it takes more time to recover.

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