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Will hair dyeing often cause cancer?The doctor made 5 suggestions, so you can rest assured to dye

Seeing that 2020 is about to end, in order to welcome the new year 2021, many people will deliberately dye their hair before the Spring Festival and dress themselves beautifully.Especially in recent years, hair dye seems to be more and more sought after. Whether it is an old man or a young man, it is catching up with the “trend”.

Nevertheless, many people are still worried that hair dyeing will cause harm to the body. In the face of health, beauty becomes worthless.So how can we dye hair safely and healthy?

1. Long -term hair dye may have these four hazards


This is the most common symptom of hair dye.Phenylene is the main ingredient in hair dye. It can be fasted with coloring, but because it is strong allergens, people with sensitive constitution are most likely to have allergies.

At present, the EU countries have explicitly banned phenylene amine additions to hair dye, and my country is still in use.Therefore, people with allergies in daily life should choose hair dye carefully and use them with caution.

Will hair dyeing often cause cancer?The doctor made 5 suggestions, so you can rest assured to dye

Liver and kidney damage:

A hair dye with heavy metal mercury, lead, and arsenic metal components is added to the market. Long -term use will bring chronic damage, and severe liver and kidney function will be damaged.

Cause hair loss:

Frequent use of hair dye, phenylene amine and other substances penetrate into small skin, producing peroxidation reactions, which will cause hair to dry and break, which will cause hair loss.

Cancer risk:

The invention and use of hair dyes have been more than 100 years. Early hair dye, because there are hundreds of dye intermediates, the hairstyles who often come into contact with hair dye and long -term hair dyeing groups suffer from bladder cancer, multiple osteomyoma, and multiple osteogenesis,The risk of non -Hodgkin lymphoma has increased.

From 1969 to 2010, with the continuous deepening of related research, it has been prohibited to add more than two hundred kinds of chemicals to hair dye.At present, the “Technical Specifications for Cosmetics Safety” in China clearly lists 75 types of chemicals and their additions and standards.

As harmful substances are gradually eliminated, related studies have found that the use of hair dye has not increased the risk of cancer.Therefore, as a whole, with the continuous improvement of the hair dye manufacturing process and the disabled intermediate of unsafe dyes, the carcinogenic risk of hair dye is extremely low.

In life, groups with a history of allergies, damage to scalp, such as eczema, ulcers, groups with old age, and liver and kidney dysfunction, pregnant women, breastfeeding women groups, cancer family history, should be minimized or minimized or as much as possible or as much as possible or as possibleAvoid hair dye.

Will hair dyeing often cause cancer?The doctor made 5 suggestions, so you can rest assured to dye

Second, three kinds of hair dyeing errors, careful recruitment

In addition to the group that is not suitable for dyeing hair, other groups should also avoid some risks.

Haze dye

“Materials” magazine once reported that hair dye contains bell amine. Because of the coloring, it will penetrate into the scalp or skin, and it will stay for a while.Nitamines, so in the weather with severe air pollution, avoid hair dyeing.

Frequent use of long -acting hair dyes

Hair dyes are divided into three types: temporary, semi -permanent and permanent. Temporary hair dye dyeing time is the shortest, and the latter two color stays are longer.

However, the hair dye with long coloring time has a higher damage to the scalp of the hair.Because of the long hair dye, the content of phenyline is relatively high, which increases the risk of allergies and carcinogenic.

Dyeing at the same time

Some women are often performed at the same time with hair dyeing and perm, which will destroy the surface of the hair, leading to the loss of protection inside the hair. Over time, hair will be yellow, brittle, no elasticity, and losing luster.Obviously, it is beautiful, but the hair is damaged, so try to avoid dyeing at the same time.

Will hair dyeing often cause cancer?The doctor made 5 suggestions, so you can rest assured to dye

3. Do these 5 points, rest assured of hair dyeing

Therefore, groups with daily hair dyeing needs should pay attention to the method and frequency of hair dyeing.

1. You can do some skin tests before dyeing. Take some hair dye on the skin to see if there will be allergic reactions such as rashes, pimples, and blisters;

2. When dyeing hair, the smear of hair dye should be far from the root of the hair, so as to avoid the hair dye from contacting the scalp, at least one centimeter from the root of the hair;

3. Do not mix hair dye to avoid chemical reactions and form harmful substances;

4. When dyeing hair dye, you should choose a regular store and a hair dye in formal products, so that the quality and safety can be guaranteed;

Will hair dyeing often cause cancer?The doctor made 5 suggestions, so you can rest assured to dye

5. The frequency of hair dyeing per year should not be more than twice, and the hair interval between hair dyeing should be at least three months.If it is a middle -aged and elderly group, keep it once a year.

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