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Will hepatitis become liver cancer?Good reminder: 4 categories of high -risk groups recommend early screening

“It is the advanced liver cancer, and there is no chance of surgery.”

Under the help of his son, Uncle Wang took the diagnosis letter from the doctor and couldn’t bear to fall into tears.

“You have hepatitis B. If you review it from time to time, and some bad living habits, it will easily turn into liver cancer.”

The doctor woke up Uncle Wang at once.

Uncle Wang’s previous body has never been a big problem, but he just likes to smoke cigarettes and drink small wine every day. It has been three or forty years.

One day ten years ago, Uncle Wang suddenly felt dizzy and even had a fever. Uncle Wang thought he had a cold, but after taking a cold medicine for a week, Uncle Wang did not improve, and even the urine became very yellow. Pain sometimes affects sleep.

Later, I went to the hospital for examination. The results of the examination showed that Uncle Wang had hepatitis B, but fortunately found it in time, and regular review after treatment.

At the beginning, Uncle Wang was reviewed and regularly reviewed in accordance with the instructions of the doctor. However, after seeing that Uncle Wang was not hindered, he no longer went to the hospital for examination, and even smoked and drinking again.

Until recently, Uncle Wang had symptoms ten years ago, but this time the pain in the liver area was more intense and lasting, and Uncle Wang knew that something was bad.

In daily life, many people like Uncle Wang believe that hepatitis B will not have a serious impact on life. In fact, hepatitis B problem can be large or small, so it is very important to review regularly.

Chronic hepatitis B infection is the main cause of liver cancer

According to the latest data of the National Cancer Center, the incidence of liver cancer ranks fifth among the incidence of cancer in my country, and the mortality rate ranks second, of which 92.5%of liver cancer caused by hepatitis B.

The incubation period of hepatitis B is very long. Most of the infected people do not have obvious symptoms, and they can even spend decades in peace. When severe symptoms occur, most of them are in the period of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

If patients often feel tired and tired, bitter in their mouths, tiredness, and poor appetite, they need to be vigilant and go to regular specialty or comprehensive hospitals.

Not all hepatitis B will be converted into liver cancer

Hepatitis is the main killer of liver cancer. Some people mistakenly believe that hepatitis is equal to liver cancer. In fact, most people have good physical performance after hepatitis, and some patients can recover smoothly soon without other evil changes.

However, 10%to 30%of patients with chronic hepatitis B have been dying for a long time and developed into liver cirrhosis in about 5 to 10 years, while 5 ~ `10%of patients with cirrhosis may develop into liver cancer in 5 to 10 years.

Prevention is greater than healing, and the occurrence of malignant diseases needs to start from the source. You can prevent and treat hepatitis B through the following six ways.

1. Regular inspection

When hepatitis B disease occurs, it is best to receive regular treatment and detect the virus load in the body. For example, a DNA examination of hepatitis B virus once in 3 to 6 months, timely know the copy of the virus in the body.

2. Vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccine can effectively prevent the infection of hepatitis B virus. After the birth of neonatal births, timely vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine can prevent hepatitis B virus for life.

3. Pay attention to hygiene and safety behavior

Pay attention to personal hygiene, do not have close contact with patients with hepatitis B, and try to avoid some beauty shops, barber shops, dental clinics, etc. with insufficient disinfection measures to reduce the risk of hepatitis B infection due to trauma.

In addition, wearing condoms should be worn when performing sexual behavior to avoid cross -transmission in safety measures.

4. Avoid the spread of maternal and infants

If pregnant women have a carrier of hepatitis B or hepatitis B, they should consult a professional doctor in time to prevent maternal and infant transmission.

5. Suspected hepatitis B symptoms should take the initiative to seek medical treatment

When symptoms such as fatigue, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, liver discomfort, and urine change should be visited in time to avoid severe liver disease.

6. Treatment of viral hepatitis

Patients with viral hepatitis should actively cooperate with doctors’ treatment for standardized treatment. Although there are currently no special effects drugs that can treat hepatitis B disease, as long as antiviral treatment is persistent, it can inhibit the development of the disease maximum.

Hepatitis C cannot also ignore

Hepatitis B is the culprit of liver cancer, but hepatitis C cannot be ignored.

According to the official data of the World Health Organization, about 30%of hepatitis C infections can remove their virus through the immune system within 6 months, but about 70%of hepatitis C infection may have chronic HCV infection, 15%~ 30%of which Those who have chronic infections will be risk of cirrhosis within 20 years, and patients with 1%to 4%per year may develop liver cancer.

At present, the number of hepatitis C patients in my country is bullish, and hepatitis C is mainly transmitted through blood transmission, mother and baby infection, and unsafe behavior.

Like patients with hepatitis C, there will be no obvious symptoms. When the HCV RNA virus is positive, they should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

The best way to prevent hepatitis C is to screen, so for some patients with high -risk hepatitis C, early screening is a key step to prevent diseases.

Preventing liver cancer, early screening is the key

Prevention is more important than some high -risk groups, for example:::

People who often need blood transfusion or blood products;

People with poor immune function;

There are people with anti -positive patients in the family;

The population of multi -sex partners and intravenous drug injection drugs, etc.

These high -risk groups can prevent liver cancer through liver function examination, B -ultrasound, liver fibrosis indicators, nail protein examination and other methods.In addition, you can also prevent liver cancer through controlling weight, preventing fatty liver, regular diet, drinking plenty of water, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, and active exercise.


The liver is an important organ of the human body. Protecting the health of the liver is the key to preventing various diseases. Preventing liver cancer can start from preventing and treating viral hepatitis.

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