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Will HPV cause cervical cancer

HPV usually causes cervical cancer.HPV vaccines may also get cervical cancer. There are many types of HPV and cervical cancer vaccine can only prevent some HPVs and cannot cover all HPV viruses.If the HPV virus is infected with HPV vaccines, cervical cancer may be caused. In addition, cervical cancer is not exactly caused by HPV virus infection.If it is a cervical cancer caused by other reasons, the injection of the HPV vaccine does not have a preventive effect, and cervical cancer may be obtained.Therefore, after the HPV vaccine is injected, TCT and HPV are also required. Cervical tissue biopsy if necessary to determine whether it is cancer.If there is a timely treatment of cervical cancer, it can be treated with surgery, and chemotherapy treatment can be combined if necessary.

Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the cervix. It is the most common gynecological malignant tumor in women’s reproductive tract. HPV is the main risk factor of the disease. Cervical cancer can be prevented by regular screening and vaccination.The early cure rate of cervical cancer is high in pre -priority. Other related risk factors include smoking, multi -personal partners, premature starting sex, multi -fetal pregnancy and childbirth, and immune defect diseases. Early or isolated recurrence of cervical cancer are also suitable for surgical treatment.Most cervical cancer is sensitive to radiation in squamous cell carcinoma. Through in vitro and internal radiation treatment, the cervix can reach the maximum radiation dose of tumor death.Tumors in the middle and late stages are often treated with mortar chemotherapy. Immunotential treatment is a new method for treating advanced recurrent cervical cancer in recent years.

Radiation therapy of cervical cancer usually requires a combination of internal and external irradiation. External illumination is a instrument that is commonly used in radiation therapy. The radiation therapy site is summoned by the radiological doctor.Killing cancer cells for the tumor itself and metastasis usually requires multiple radiations and completed within a certain period of time.The internal illumination is also called the internal radiation therapy of the rear cavity.

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