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Will insulin cause “dependence”?

In the hospital, there were some diabetic patients trembling as soon as they heard that insulin was going to insulin. On the one hand, they know that insulin can reduce blood sugar. But on the other hand, they think that injecting insulin is like drug use. Once used, it is equivalent to drug addiction. In the future, they cannot leave this thing again. They need to be used for life. As a result, some patients would rather die or not want to fight insulin.

If those patients can think about it in turn, we eat every day, drink water every day, and no one thinks that “we depend on rice and depend on water.” It can be seen that whether dependencies are formed is not based on whether you use this kind of thing for life. Insulin, like rice and water, is an essential element that the human body needs, and is the most important substance in the human body to reduce blood sugar. Without insulin, the human body cannot develop and grow.

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Looking back at the process of human treatment and the use of insulin, we are amazingly discovered that the history of human use of insulin therapy is only more than 80 years of history. A long time ago, the description of diabetes: “This is a disease that gradually melts the body and limbs and then discharges it from the body by urination.” In the long history of human beings, the disease has not been clearly clear There is no correct treatment. Before the invention of insulin, many patients with high blood sugar coma or keto acid poisoning could only watch them die. In 1922, scientists discovered that there was a substance that could reduce blood sugar and named it “insulin”. These scientists were therefore won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since then, the history of human and disease struggle has opened a new page. Before 1982, animal insulin was used. The insulin we now use is the “insulin of people with genetic reorganization”. The product name “Nuo He Ling, You Bi Forest”, their components are exactly the same as insulin produced by islet cells in the human body. We were surprised to find that the history of using human insulin was only 20 years. Today, with the rapid development of technology, living one more day is equivalent to surviving for thousands of years in the long river of history! In other words, if you were born 80 years ago, no matter how much economic strength you have, you can have the acute complications of diabetes, you can only wait for death. From this perspective, it is a lucky and happy thing to be able to use insulin today.

Insulin can reduce blood glucose, and the good control of blood sugar can reduce the incidence of diabetic eyes and kidney complications, and significantly improve the quality of life of patients. Insulin is the most effective and fierce weapon for treating diabetes. At present, insulin therapy is not only used for oral hypoglycemic drugs to control patients with poor blood sugar, for some patients with diabetes just discovered, if blood sugar is high, it also advocates a period of insulin strengthening the treatment, controlling blood sugar at a good level Essence The latest medical research found that newly discovered high blood glucose patients with diabetes can be used to use insulin blood glucose strengthening treatment for a period of time, which can significantly improve the patient’s islet cell function and control the patient’s long -term blood sugar (whether oral drugs or insulin ), They are very good.

Therefore, it is recommended that diabetic friends, we should fully understand the role of insulin. While seeing the advantages of insulin, you should also see its shortcomings. The first is that some people think that insulin injection is inconvenient. However, with the development of medicine and technology, this problem is gradually solving: some patients can control blood sugar by injection 1-2 times a day. Followed by hypoglycemia: Patients can study this complication through learning. There is also a trap in insulin therapy: which can increase weight. After some patients use insulin, because they are worried about hypoglycemia, they add meals many times, resulting in weight gain. But we know that the greater the weight, the heavier the insulin resistance, and the greater the insulin requirement. In this way, the treatment of patients enters a vicious cycle: the amount of insulin is increasing, the weight is getting heavier, and the blood glucose control is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, patients with insulin therapy must monitor changes in weight. If the weight increases significantly, you should adjust the diet, sports and insulin dosage in time.

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