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Will it addicted to insulin?It’s wrong!

There is a very wrong concept in some sugar friends: insulin will be addicted, and it will not be separated after use. This concept may be related to the “insulin -dependent diabetes” disease name in the past. Although the name has gradually been incompatible, many misunderstandings have been left to people.

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Insulin is a normal hormone produced in the human body. Normal people’s insuls secrete a large amount of insulin every day to maintain the normal operation of the body. Patients with type 1 diabetes must be treated with insulin for life because they cannot produce insulin. Increased insulin patients with type 2 diabetes, but the pancreatic function is not completely stopped, so you can take oral drugs to promote insulin in the early stage. Diabetes patients with islet failure need to be treated with foreign insulin. Whether the use of insulin treatment depends on the condition, and insulin is a normal human hormone, and there is no problem of being addictive.

Some patients with type 2 diabetes can withdraw insulin after using insulin. Some patients may be recovered after using insulin for a period of time. At this time, insulin can be stopped under the guidance of a doctor, and oral drugs can be used to stimulate the normal production of insulin in the body.

In addition to “addicted insulin”, there are often these misunderstandings about insulin:

1. Use insulin to increase weight, so do not play insulin

The use of insulin will indeed bring weight gain, but compared to the side effects of gaining weight, the use of insulin to control blood glucose at the right level is more beneficial to the body. As long as you pay attention to exercise, you can control your weight.

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2. Insulin can cause atherosclerosis and hypertension?

It has been reported that the early process of insulin can start some early process of insulin in some laboratory experiments, but these conclusions have not been confirmed and supported by experiments at present, and don’t worry too much.

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