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Will lack of sleep be fat? What are the hazards of lack of sleep?

Many people in real life have the problem of insomnia. In fact, insomnia is already a strange thing, but if long -term insomnia cannot be improved, it will also cause a series of risk damage. Many of them will find that after they sleep insufficient sleep The body began to get fat. Will you get fat enough? What are the hazards of lack of sleep? Let’s take a closer look!

Will lack of sleep get fat?

This question of lack of sleep will undoubtedly do not doubt that lack of sleep may lead to gaining weight. If there is no time to ensure sufficient sleep time, the secretion of hormone secretion in the body will cause disorders, and it will also reduce its own foundation metabolism, which will cause metabolic consumption to reduce the amount of metabolic consumption. Therefore, insufficient sleep will gain weight. In addition, lack of sleep for a long time can also cause symptoms such as fatigue and weakness, mental deficiency, etc., over time, it will affect the secretion of insulin, and inhibit the decomposition of fat, thereby appear to get fat.

What are the hazards of lack of sleep?

(1) Poor mental: lack of sleep for a long time, not sufficient rest, may cause hypoxia and ischemia in the brain, which may cause dizziness, headache, and poor mental state. It may also decrease with memory.

(2) Low immunity: Insufficient sleep may affect the liver metabolism in the body, cause liver detoxification ability, cause low immunity, easily invade from external bacteria and viruses, and cause diseases.

(3) Irregular menstruation: Inadequate sleep for a long time can easily lead to endocrine disorders or disorders in hormone levels, affecting the menstrual cycle, menstrual cycle disorders, and irregular menstruation.

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The above is the introduction of the relevant content of lack of sleep. In fact, lack of sleep will not only cause the problem of gaining weight, but also have a lot of harm to the body. I hope everyone can deal with them reasonably according to their physical conditions to help themselves help themselves. Return to a healthy physical condition, and can also gain good sleep.

Of course, in order to better control the slim figure, everyone needs to take countermeasures from daily diet, exercise exercise and other aspects.

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