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Will melanoma be cancer for more than 20 years?

I believe many people have heard melanin, but they are not clear about melanoma.Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma, is a kind of skin malignant tumor with a greater risk and high degree of malignant.

Mr. Li was diagnosed with melanoma.Why is melanoma red? How to distinguish melanoma? Which people are more likely to occur in melanoma? Listen to what experts say.Zhou Zhongzhi, director of the Department of Burning Survance Survance Department of the hospital.

Melanoma is a malignant disease of the skin, and the malignant degree of this disease is relatively high.How long can patients suffer from this disease? It depends on whether the disease is metastasized and the treatment of treatment is timely and effective.

There is a kind of “disease”, everyone may have, no matter how handsome guys, and beautiful girls are no exception. This disease is mole. Medical students are called melanoma. In severe cases, they may be in danger.This reminds you of yourself.

If the mole is listened to it, there is a certain probability that deteriorates melanoma. If it is not treated, it will pose a major threat to life and health.So how is melanoma? How do we judge to prevent melanoma? How is it?

Past history: 18 years ago, the right -foot thumb malignant melanoma was removed at the second hospital of Jilin University and the right thumb and tumor body were removed. Humry chemotherapy for half a year ago and controlled well.

Melanoma is the most fatal skin cancer. The global incidence is estimated to be about 0.22 ‰, which has increased by more than 10 times in the past ten years.In the United States, melanoma is the 6th and most common cancer among men and women.

Click on the upper right corner to follow immediately. More health content will not be missed. Implication of surprise will be given to you for malignant melanoma. It is one of the very high tumors in skin cancer. Its onset and frequent stimulation of pigment moles, air pollution, and over.

The pigment in the skin is excessive, and the mole will be produced, and the size of the mole may be very different from the appearance, such as unevenness, smoothness, flatness, prominent or hairy hair, but they are usually neat and round or oval.</Chat with the nephew of the auxiliary hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University. He said: "Your mole is melanoma, and the shape and color are not good. It should be treated early to prevent evil from changing!" I saidWhy care about him! Nephew.

Will melanoma be cancer for more than 20 years?

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