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Will mold vaginitis be transmitted to men?

Moomal vaginitis refers to the vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease, which may be transmitted to men and needs to avoid sexual life.

Vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease is usually caused by decreased immunity, long -term use of broad -spectrum antibiotics and diabetes, which are mainly manifested in symptoms such as vaginal burning sensation, vulvar itching, and urination pain.It is mainly transmitted to male patients through sexual contact, because fake silk yeast is a chance of pathogenic bacteria. When male patients have low immunity, they will reproduce a large number of pathogenic bacteria.When male patients are infected, symptoms such as balanitis and genital itching often occur. Under the guidance of doctors, they need to be treated with drugs such as fluonazole, ketoconazole or nitrate.

Patients need to do their own cleanliness and can perform sexual life after treatment to avoid repeated infections.

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