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Will ovarian cysts become cancer?

Ovarian cysts may become malignant ovarian tumors.

Ovarian cysts are a cystic structure formed on the surface of the ovary or ovarian, which is very common in gynecology.Many women may suffer from ovarian cysts, especially women of childbearing age.Ovarian cysts generally do not cause damage to the human body, and most patients can disappear by themselves.Ovarian cysts are common gynecological diseases, and most of them belong to benign tumors. They will basically not become malignant through corresponding symptoms.However, if there is no regular review and symptomatic treatment after the ovarian cysts, malignant metastasis and ovarian cancer may be caused.In recent years, the incidence of ovarian cysts has risen.Most of them occur in childcare women aged 25-50.Generally, the induced factors include genetic factors, endocrine factors, lifestyle, environmental factors, etc.As long as most people live a healthy life, eat nutritious foods, do not use medicine, and do not eat uncertain health products, most cysts will not become malignant.However, among some patients, cysts may continue to increase, leading to symptoms such as lower abdomen discomfort and menstrual abnormalities.A secondary lesions may also occur, such as the rupture and infection of the cysts, leading to severe diseases.

Patients should rest in their lives to ensure regular schedules, develop good living habits, do not smoke, do not drink or stay up late.Add clothes according to the weather to keep warm and prevent colds.Strengthening physical exercise is conducive to promoting metabolism and blood circulation, and delaying aging organic organs, such as walking, yoga, jogging, etc.Pay attention to healing during menstruation and postpartum, keep warm and avoid cold.Family members should help patients in time to dredge and vent their emotions and maintain a good physical and mental state.Patients should eat a balanced diet, eat more crude fiber, high protein, high -vitamin and high -calorie foods. Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat too cold, overheated, expired and deteriorated foods.

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