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Will ovarian cysts disappear by myself?

7 cm of ovarian cysts generally does not disappear by itself, so actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

Ovarian cysts are usually caused by environmental factors or dietary factors, and due to the relationship between infection factors, if the volume of ovarian cysts is not particularly large, there is no obvious discomfort, no special treatment is required, and it may gradually eliminate.If ovarian cysts are relatively large cysts in 7 cm, they cannot be eliminated with doctors in time. They need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, and then take surgical resection under the guidance of the doctor for treatment.As a result of the loss of fertility, it will not be eliminated by itself. It is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

During the treatment, you need to pay attention to your personal diet, which is light and easy to digest food, ensure nutritional balance, and comprehensively help the body recover.In addition, it is necessary to go to the hospital for review on a regular basis to observe the recovery of the body. If abnormal conditions occur, actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

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