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Will severe cervical erosion become cervical cancer if it is not treated?

Severing cervical erosion does not treat cervical cancer if it is not treated. Specifically, you should go to a local regular hospital for cervical TCT examination to determine whether the possibility of cancer is cancerous.

Severe cervical erosion is a common gynecological disease in daily life, which is benign chronic inflammation.If it is stimulated by inflammation for a long time, the resistance of women’s cervix will gradually decrease, and it is particularly vulnerable to human papilloma virus infection.Once the infection is difficult to cure, it will even increase the probability of cervical cancer.Severe cervical erosion, if it is not treated in time or low immunity, it may cause cervical lesions, but this situation is not inevitable, it is possible.Cervical erosion needs to be treated in time and regular cervical screening.If the symptoms of local medication are not significantly relieved, cervical cone cutting can be used to avoid cervical lesions.Women can pass regular cervical examination to understand whether human papilloma virus has high risk infection.If it affects the cervix, it will be greater.When long -term high -risk state of human papilloma virus, it is necessary to take medicine in time for treatment.Some antiviral drugs can be used to enhance immunity, which will avoid cervical lesions and play a certain prevention role.Severe cervical erosion refers to 2/3 of the erosion surface exceeding the cervical area.If you find the symptoms of severe cervical erosion, you must first exclude whether it has an anterior lesion or cancer.Cervical cytology, human papilloma virus examination, or direct biopsy under vaginal mirror.Whether severe cervical erosion is related to cancer. There are two manifestations.If the cervical erosion caused by inflammation or cylindrical epithelium, or the cervical epithelium falls off, it is a benign manifestation.If it is a special type of cervical cancer, that is, erosion cervical cancer, patients need to receive regular treatment.For severe cervical erosion, whether it is cancer, doctors and patients cannot judge only through the manifestation of erosion. They need to be diagnosed through the pathology of cytology or microscope.

Severe cervical erosion should go to local regular hospitals to choose frozen surgery.After surgery, go to a local regular hospital for regular inspections, and usually pay attention to sexual hygiene to avoid unhealthy behavior.

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