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Will spicy food aggravate dysmenorrhea?

Somo food may increase dysmenorrhea, so it is recommended not to eat spicy during menstruation.

Eating spicy food can cause vascular dilatation, and can also cause pelvic bleeding, and it will also affect uterine contraction, thereby aggravating the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, try not to eat spicy food during menstruation.You can also drink brown sugar and ginger water in moderation, which can play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is conducive to promoting menstrual blood excretion. It can also use a warm water bag to apply hot abdomen, which can promote abdominal blood circulation, thereby relieve the pain of the pain. In addition, you can also eat it.Protein foods, such as eggs, milk, and can also eat some fruits and vegetables in moderation to maintain a balanced diet and nutrition. However, when eating fruits, you can choose fruit at room temperature. It is not advisable to eat fruits that are taken directly from the refrigerator to avoid aggravating the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

Women are weak during menstruation, and their resistance and immunity will decrease. Therefore, they should also do a good job of warmth. They can increase or decrease their clothes in time according to the weather changes.Clean, prevent the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.

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