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Will the nutrition of walnut kernels be lost?

Walnut kernels are generally not lost.Walnuts contain more nutrients, including more unsaturated fatty acids, as well as a variety of nutrients, such as minerals, vitamin E and DHA, can meet the nutritional needs of walnuts in time.In addition, the walnuts are added when cooking porridge, and the heat generated will generally not destroy the nutritional ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamin E in walnuts.Patients with hyperlipidemia should eat walnut porridge.If it is a patient with constipation, it is recommended to drink walnut porridge in moderation, because walnuts contain more oils, which can promote defecation and relieve constipation symptoms.Walnuts are rich in protein and iron. Tea contains tannic acid. It will combine with iron and protein in the walnut to form insoluble sediments. It is not easy to digest and absorb. It is recommended to drink strong tea when eating walnuts.

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