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Will the total hair dye not have long hair?

Whether the total hair dye does not have long hair. Generally, it is necessary to depend on whether the hair follicle necrosis is caused. It can be divided into two cases of no hair and no hair.

1. There will be no long hair

Generally, the total dyeing hair does not have long hair, because in general, the dyeing hair will not cause hair follicle necrosis, so you can continue to grow your hair.However, it should be noted that the chemicals of hair dyeing hair have a great impact on human body.The chemical components in the hair dye may damage the hair quality, causing the hair to split, dry, rough, etc., and the chemical component can be absorbed through the scalp for a long time, which may cause cancer of the skin tissue.

2. Not long hair

If the hair is always dyed, due to improper operation or use of too inferior hair dye, causing hair follicles necrosis, this happens, there may be no hair.

Therefore, it is recommended not to dye hair frequently. The hair dye should be kept at about 1cm from the scalp during hair dye. This can prevent the hair dye from stimulating the scalp, and reduce the absorption of the scalp on the hair dye.The doses are left on the scalp.It is recommended to use a hair dye with pure plants to reduce damage to the hair follicles and avoid hair follicle necrosis.

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