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Will there be cervical cancer without HPV without infection?

Clinically, cervical cancer may also get cervical cancer without HPV.

About 0.3%of cervical cancer has nothing to do with the infection of HPV virus.Because HPV infection is an important factor that causes cervical cancer, but it is not the only factor that causes cervical cancer.The occurrence of cervical cancer may also be affected by genetic factors, sexual living factors, environmental factors, and endocrine factors.Therefore, patients need to do HPV tests when doing cervical cancer screening, and at the same time they also need to do the cytology test of cervical epithelial cells.If the epithelial cells are found abnormal, further cervical biopsy is required.The treatment of cervical cancer is mainly based on the age of the patient, whether there are fertility requirements, the clinical staging, whether it can tolerate surgery, the physical condition of the whole body, and the level of medical technology, and determine an individualized treatment plan.The treatment of cervical cancer is mainly surgical treatment and radiation therapy, supplemented by chemotherapy.Surgical treatment is mainly aimed at young patients. It can retain ovarian and vaginal function, and is mostly used in patients with early cervical cancer.Radiation therapy is mainly applicable to patients with 1B2, 2A, 2A, 2B to 4A, premature radiotherapy of cervical large block lesions, and patients with unsuitable system conditions.Chemotherapy is mainly suitable for patients with advanced or recurrence and metastasis.

Cervical cancer patients need to pay attention not to eat cold, spicy foods, and nutritious foods to eat.Patients need to review regularly after cervical cancer, check whether to transfer, and review cervical TCT and HPV testing.The review time is mainly three months, half a year, and one year after surgery.The impact of diet on cancer is usually not great, which may be related to physical resistance. If the body’s resistance is good, the cancer period is early, and the survival period is long. Patients can maintain normal regular life.

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