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Will these foods be terrible to eat together?

Although “You from the Stars” have finale, the popularity of “calling beast” continues, and “fried chicken+beer” also felt a rhythm of popularity. But the news of a [couple’s cold day drinking fried chicken with pancreatitis] can’t help but surprise people: “Is it a diet with” fried chicken+beer ‘? “The doctor explained:” And It is not a ‘fried chicken+beer’ foods, but the addition of high -calorie foods to increase the chance of disease. Fried food is not digested, and it has increased the stimulation of the stomach with alcohol. “

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The “fried chicken+beer” group is like this, but there is a food group on the “Food Pass Ranking”: “Seafood+Beer”. It ’s true that eating seafood and drinking beer on the Internet will cause gout. Is this true?

Li Yuanyuan, a master’s degree in nutrition and food, and national second -level public nutritionist, pointed out that whether seafood or beer, a separate food is not suitable for gout patients. Some, it will be converted into uric acid after metabolism. Alcohol in beer will affect the discharge of uric acid when metabolism, and excessive uric acid can cause gout. In these two aspects, neither food gout patients in two foods should not be eaten, so “seafood+beer” is undoubtedly even more suitable for patients with gout. For healthy people, this “seafood+beer” diet is unhealthy, but it will not cause too much problems.

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