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Will we wear protective clothing?

Wearing a protective clothing generally does not fever, fever disease is a dysfunctional dysfunction caused by the temperature adjustment function caused by high temperature, which causes the core temperature of the body to increase (body temperature> 41 ° C). Due to the rising core temperature, the urgency of severe internal organs damage is a risk.Critical illness.Common causes of heat irritation include severe hypoxia, heat dissipation disorders, increased heat production, and poor physical fitness in patients.

Will we wear protective clothing?

1. Severe hypoxia of the body: such as drowning, electric shock, trauma, etc., resulting in severe hypoxia, the heat in the body cannot spread normally, causing the body temperature to increase;

2. Heat dissipation disorders: such as extensive burns, shock, etc., which causes the body’s heat dissipation mechanism to regulate the body temperature normally.

3. Increase heat production: such as violent activities in high temperature environments, increase the heat production of the body, and the occurrence of aseptic thermal damage, which increases the core temperature of the body;

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4. Poor physical fitness in patients: such as chronic lung heart disease, liver cirrhosis, nephritis and other diseases, causing the body’s immunity to decrease, or in a malignant quality, causing the body’s immune mechanism to be disordered and cannot regulate the body temperature normally.

In addition to the above situations, for people with poor physical fitness, even if the environmental temperature is relatively high, even without any protection, fever will occur.In addition, neonatal is prone to heat irritation due to immature physical development.

The skin of patients with heat irritation has less contact with the external environment and insufficient heat dissipation. Therefore, the skin cannot regulate the body temperature well. Once it is affected by high temperature, the body temperature will be increased, sweaty, faster heart rate, disturbance of consciousness, coma, etc.symptom.Therefore, it is necessary to take protection measures from high temperature environments, timely go to the cool and ventilated place, or drink plenty of water when entering the air -conditioned room, or drink some saline to supplement the electrolyte.If there is a disorder and coma, it should be sent to the hospital for rescue in time.

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