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Will women without sexual life get cervical cancer?

Women who have no sexual life may also get cervical cancer.

No sexual behavior can only reduce the risk of most cervical cancer, but it cannot reduce the probability of high risk factors such as papilloma virus infection other than sexual behavior.Cervical cancer is related to human papilloma virus infection.Polygonomy, sexual behavior before the age of 16, low age of childbirth, multi -pregnancy pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, male sexual behaviors with genital cancer such as penile cancerWaiting will increase the risk of cervical papilloma virus infection, thereby increasing the risk of cervical cancer.Women who do not have sexual behavior can reduce the risk of human papilloma virus virus infection due to sexual behavior, thereby reducing the risk of cervical cancer. However, it cannot completely avoid the possibility of cervical cancer infection caused by non -sexual life.No clear data proves that there is no sexual life to avoid cervical cancer.Therefore, women without sex should also pay attention to their physical condition.If abnormal vaginal hemorrhage and abnormal leucorrhea occur, a perfect examination should be performed in accordance with the doctor’s advice in order to find early lesions and timely treatment and control of the condition.

Cervical cancer patients should eat a balanced diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and keep the stool unobstructed.In particular, patients with chemotherapy should pay special attention to prevent constipation and properly supplement protein.

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