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Will you get cancer after quitting smoking?

After quitting smoking, it will not suffer from cancer, but smoking can cause cancer.

Smoking is easily addictive, tobacco contain nicotine.Nicotine has a certain excitement of the central system, so it will be excited in early smoking, but this role will actually weaken over time, and will inhibit effects in the later stage.Therefore, a large number of smokers will be excited and then suppressed, which is harmful to people’s health.In addition, long -term smoking and carcinogenic effects have also been scientifically proven, and smokers are indeed more likely to suffer from lung cancer than those who do not smoke.Disposter syndrome will occur when quitting smoking, and the human body will suddenly change when adapting to a certain situation, causing a kind of poor body adaptation in a short time.The ring reaction is usually not very serious.After a period of time adaptation, there will be no other adverse consequences after returning to normal.After quitting smoking for a while, you may feel very uncomfortable, but after adaptation, no matter when you quit smoking, your body will benefit a lot.Smoking is closely related to the occurrence of cancer, especially the occurrence of lung cancer, such as lung squamous carcinoma.Smoking may be the culprit.At present, it is believed that according to the daily smoking volume and specific smoking period, the specific intensity of smoking can be used as the basis for calculating the amount of smoking in patients.If the total number of smoking is large, smoking will cause the entire lung to be stimulated for a longer time, and the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer, will increase significantly.Therefore, smoking quitting can prevent cancer to a certain extent, and smoking quitting is not too late. No matter how old or long, only through smoking to avoid smoking, nicotine and other chemicals.Get better prevention results.Because the occurrence of cancer is the result of the common effect of various factors, in addition to smoking, there are other factors. These factors cannot be generalized, but it should be comprehensively considered and analyzed in combination with various factors.

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