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Will you get cervical cancer if you get a fetus?

Cervical cancer will not get cervical cancer.

The occurrence of cervical cancer has something to do with HPV, that is, human papilloma virus. HPV virus is mainly transmitted through sexual life and has nothing to do with tires.HPV infection does not necessarily get cervical cancer. It requires high -risk HPV infection to continue existing, and it takes about 10 years to progress to become cervical cancer.Most HPV infections can be removed through their own immunity.The high -risk factors of HPV infection are caused by premature sexual life, multiple personalized partners, smoking, drinking, and poor immunity. Cervical screening should be performed on a regular basis.

The impact of tires on the body is as follows: 1. Habitual abortion.Some women often give birth for some reasons. In fact, this will not only affect themselves, but also cause endometrial damage, which will cause habitual abortion, and in severe cases, it will also cause infertility.2. It affects menstruation.There are also some women due to their own physical reasons that short -term menstrual disorders will occur after abortion surgery.3. Cause gynecological diseases.In the process of abortion surgery, if the operation is improper, it is easy to cause genital infection, which will induce gynecological diseases such as fallopian tubeitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or cervicitis.If the number of people flow is large, it may induce breast disease.

The precautions after the fetus are mainly considered from the following aspects: 1. Pay attention to observing the vaginal bleeding after the abortion. Under normal circumstances, a small amount of vaginal bleeding can occur within one week after the abortion.2. Pay attention to observing whether there is abdominal pain. After the abortion, there can be mild abdominal pain, that is, the pain of the uterine shrinkage or the stimulation of the uterus after the abortion causes the pain of pulling or involving sex.If abdominal pain after abortion or abdominal pain is still not eased after two to three days, considering the inflammation of the uterus or inflammation of the pelvic cavity cannot be ruled out.It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment and gynecological examination in time. If necessary, do a clear diagnosis of pelvic color Doppler ultrasound examination and give corresponding treatment.3. After the flow of people, we must pay attention to rest, do not get too tired, keep warm, do not get cold, and not eat spicy food.4. Forbidden sexual life and pots within one month after the abortion.Because the body needs to recover after the abortion, especially the recovery of the uterus, otherwise it will cause inflammation of the gynecology.

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