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Winter baby needs mask protection to choose from depending on the quality and level

As the winter approaches, respiratory diseases have become a hot spot for mothers, such as how to prevent germs from invading babies, how to prevent the occurrence of H1N1 influenza, and so on. Mask is a good partner of winter healthy life, which can effectively prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Little mask effect

1. Prevent virus invasion

The air is mixed with a large amount of dust, bacteria, viruses, and various harmful gases. They may enter the nose, pharynx, trachea, and lungs with their breath. When the human body’s resistance is weak, it makes people disease, and wearing a mask is like a “barrier” for the respiratory tract. Make the inhaled air filter.

2. Prevent virus from calling out

Wearing a mask also blocked the bacteria in their mouths and nose infected with other people due to speech, cough, sneezing. As the SARS period, our country wears masks in order to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

3. Avoid cold air stimulation

Cold air will directly stimulate the baby’s nasal mucosa, causing allergic reactions, and masks can play a role in warmth.

Which occasions need mask protection

Mom has a cold

During breastfeeding, the mother and the baby are in close contact. If the mother has a cold, the germs can easily spread to the baby through the respiratory tract. At this time, the mother must wear a mask to prevent cross -infection.

When going out and playing

In the influenza popular season, we must wear masks when going out, especially during H1N1.

Allergic constitution

Babies with allergies are prone to allergic rhinitis or allergic cough. When cold air stimulates, it is prone to symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and cough. In order to reduce the stimulation of cold air, it is best to bring a mask.

In the spring, the catkins are flying, the pollen is tight, and the allergic babies must also be very careful. It is best to wear a mask to protect it when going out.

Places with poor air quality

For places with poor environmental air quality, various harmful substances stimulate the respiratory tract, such as dust, pollen, insecticides … Due to the tender nasal mucosa of the baby, the nasal hair is not complete, and the respiratory tract is easily damaged. At this time, it is necessary to wear a mask. Essence


There are many patients in the hospital. In order to prevent cross -infection, it is best to wear a mask.

Do you choose a mask

Clarify the purpose of choice

The purpose of the baby wearing a mask is very clear, mainly to isolate the droplets and resist various pathogenic bacteria.

texture and layer

Since the mask is health and health supplies, it will play a role in hygiene and protection when choosing the appropriate. Most of the masks for medical treatment are now one -time and are not suitable for babies.

Common masks are generally folded with abandoned cotton sand cloth folding several layers of sewing. The three layers of sand cloth masks can block 70%to 80%of bacteria, and the six -layer sand cloth mask can almost block 100%of bacteria. In order to wear a mask, it is not too stuffy, it is usually appropriate to use 6-8. In the choice of baby masks, comfortable and breathable cotton materials are better.

Do not choose exquisite masks

The exquisite masks often contain too much fiber, and the amount of cotton is very low. It is easy to static electricity and damage the facial skin. The mask of cotton material has good breathability and does not afford static electricity. It can protect facial skin. In addition, the isolation gauze used for exquisite masks is only 3-5 layers, which is difficult to effectively filter the virus and dust in the air.

Size selection

The filtering effect of the mask focuses on the nose. You should choose a mask of different sizes according to your baby’s age. You can adjust the size of the size of the size of 8 to 10 cm. If the mask is too small, the germs, dust, and pollution are easy to enter and exit from the edge of the mask or the nose, which affects the filtration effect.

Reminder: Do not expose your nose to the mask when wearing a mask, which will lose the effect of protecting the respiratory barrier.

Precautions for using masks

Cannot be used alternate inside and outside the mask

During the epidemic period of influenza and respiratory tract infectious diseases, the baby must wear masks to go out, and the mask can only be used single -sided. The outer layer has accumulated a lot of dust and bacteria in the outer layer, while the inner layers block the exhaled bacteria and saliva, so the mask should not be used alternately on both sides.

How to temporarily save masks

When the mask is not worn, put it in a clean envelope, and stack it closely on the nose side. Do not stuff it into the pocket or put it in an unsanurable placket. Usually it is best to prepare a few more masks, which can be replaced.

It is not advisable to wear masks for a long time

Most babies have conflicts about wearing masks, so the baby will not cooperate for a long time when wearing a mask.

Wash the mask in time

The mask you have worn should be cleaned once a day. When washing, hot with boiling water for 5 minutes, and then gently rub it with laundry powder. After the water is drifted, hang it in a ventilated place.

The mask filtered by activated carbon filter cannot be cleaned, which will destroy its adsorption effect. After wearing this type of mask for more than ten hours, you must “abandon” and do not use it repeatedly to avoid causing respiratory diseases.

(Editor in charge: He Ying)


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