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Winter Chinese cabbage nourishing skin care

Cabbain is a frequent visitor on the winter dining table. It has the reputation of “winter cabbage is beautiful as bamboo shoots”, with high nutritional value, contains more than 90%of cellulose, and also contain vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. Eating more cabbage can have skin care and beauty.

The cabbage is to become a dish. There are some particular attention when cooking: wash first and then cut; it is not advisable to use the method of squeezing juice to avoid a large amount of nutrients. In particular, Chinese cabbage should be cut vertically. Some studies have shown that this cutting is better to save water, the loss of moisture in the vegetables, and the loss of water -soluble nutrients will also be reduced. Secondly, it is easy to cut cabbage in this way, and the loss of vitamins is reduced; again, Chinese cabbage can retain more crude fiber, which is more conducive to stimulating intestinal peristalsis.

It should be noted that rotten cabbage contains nitrite and cannot be eaten; the time of Chinese cabbage in boiling water must not be too long, the best time is 20-30 seconds; Chinese cabbage is cold, cold and abdominal pain in the stomach, cold and abdominal pain People can’t eat more.

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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