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With a nap of more than 60 minutes, the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 34%!Teach you the right sleeping posture

Nap, it can be said that the “life -saving Dafa” of the student party and working people has no nap, and it has no listing in the afternoon.

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A good nap can provide the body with the opportunity to repair yourself. Even in just a few minutes, it can help relieve fatigue and add sleep, but it is not a good thing for a long time.

1. With a nap of more than 60 minutes, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 34%

A study from the research team of Guangzhou Medical University announced at the annual meeting of the European Cardiovascular Society in 2020. Incorporating a total of 31,3651 participants from more than 20 studies was analyzed, evaluating the nap and the risk of death and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and the risk of cardiovascular disease risk Relationship. The results showed that compared with people who were not nap, people who had a nap of more than 60 minutes increased by 30%due to death risk, and the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 34%.

The nap is less than 60 minutes, and the risk of cardiovascular disease does not increase; the nap time is less than 30 to 45 minutes, which may improve the heart health of those who insufficient sleep at night.

In fact, a study involving 300,000 people involved in the University of Tokyo, Japan also found that it is more likely to have metabolic syndrome such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia, which will increase the risk of heart disease.

The risk of metabolic syndrome up to 50%is increased by 50%per day; people who take a nap of less than 40 minutes a day will not increase the risk of metabolic syndrome; Slightly decreased.

Now you should understand that the high -quality nap for 20 ~ 30 minutes is the most heart -raising.

Second, several special groups are not suitable for nap

1. People over 64 years old and more than 20 % of the standard weight (whether weight can be used normally with physical fitness index (BMI) to judge, that is, the value obtained after body height (meters) after height (meters). The normal weight of adults means that the physical index is between 18.5 and 23.9);

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2. People with low blood pressure;

3. People with severe obstacles in the blood circulation system, especially those who are dizziness and dizziness often appear because of narrowing cerebral blood vessels.

The most important thing about the above three people is not a nap, but to go to the hospital to open a “health care prescription” to fundamentally treat the diseases and develop good health habits from life.

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