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Women are younger than their peers

No matter how old women want to want to be 18 years old, aging is inevitable. Women’s maintenance is important. If you want to have young skin, you should not only start with skin care and beauty, but also pay attention to daily diet. Women eat more. Five foods make you younger than your peers!

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1. Drink lily jujube tea

If you want to have a good skin to be young, you have to sleep well, and beauty can sleep. If you lack enough sleep every day, no matter how expensive cosmetics, you can’t save you. May wish to drink a cup of lily jujube tea every day before going to bed, wolfberry, Poria, and longan in lily jujube tea, which can make you sleep more stable and sweet, have higher sleep quality, and beauty and beauty.

Second, eat black sesame seeds every day

A shiny hair makes you look younger. If your hair is healthy, you can add enough nutrition to your hair. How to add nutrition for your hair? Eat some black sesame every day! The protein and linoleic acid content of black sesame seeds is very high, which can supplement hair nutrition. In addition, black sesame seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins, which is also good for hair health.

Third, eat more fish

Fish contains high -quality protein such as albumin and globulin, which can enhance skin elasticity, provide nutrients for the skin, and make muscles firmer. Nutrition experts suggest that eating 100-200 grams of fish every day can feel the face within a week, and the neck muscles can be significantly improved.

Fourth, eat beef often

The large amount of zinc contained in beef can maintain the skin’s oil balance and accelerate the metabolism of the skin. Women want to have beautiful skin tone, and eat 250 grams of beef every day to supplement 15 mg of zinc. In addition, eating beef may be paired with onions, because the onions contain the nutritional ingredients of most vegetables, such as vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Five, eat some eggs

You must know that ultraviolet rays are an important factor in skin aging. This is because ultraviolet rays can destroy the cell structure and promote the skin to accelerate aging. If you need outdoor activities, you need to bask in the sun. In addition to applying sunscreen to do sunscreen measures, you may wish to eat some eggs. Eggs contain a large amount of selenium, which can build a natural “sunscreen protective layer” on your face.

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