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Women “below” acne have sexually transmitted diseases?Doctor: It is related to these 3 reasons

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Sister NA, I am a college student, and I have never had sex. I usually pay attention to hygiene, but I recently discovered that “I suddenly had acne below, and I was still in my aunt.

I seem to belong to the constitution that is easy to grow. I usually get angry when I eat some hot things. I have acne on my face. I want to know if it will have a relationship with the physique.?

1. Whether the acne is acne is a gynecological disease, and it is necessary to treat the situation

Some women think they have gynecological diseases when they see their private chief acne. In fact, it depends on the specific situation to judge.

Women’s private acne positions are usually at the root of the thighs, butt or vulva.If it is only one or two, and it is not painful or itchy, it is just an ordinary acne. After some time, you will heal it yourself. You do n’t need to worry about this situation.

However, if acne continues to grow and grow, the color changes, and even the symptoms of infection such as redness, swelling, itching may be a signal of gynecological diseases.[1] Female urethritis and vaginitis may cause inflammation of the vulva, and this kind of acne is one of the manifestations of inflammation.

In addition to gynecological diseases, some sexually transmitted diseases can also cause acne.For example, condyloma acuminatum, flat acuminatum, genital herpes, etc. are caused by viruses, and this type of acne is contagious.Therefore, for the acne in the private part, it is still particularly vigilant. It is best to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

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Second, the privacy of acne is mainly related to 3 reasons

1. Poilishable in pubic hair caused by pubic hair

Women’s pubic hair is wrapped in underwear with the vulva, especially when sweating in summer, it is particularly easy to breed a lot of bacteria.Especially the staphylococcus bacteria can cause a large amount of acne.[2]

In addition, the resistance and immunity of women before and after menstruation will decrease, coupled with the existence of sanitary napkins, it is more likely to stuffy acne in private parts.

2. Drug stimulation

Many women like to use private care liquid to clean their vulva. It is unknown to the skin of sensitive and fragile private parts, water is the best cleaner. Frequent use of care liquid will destroy the vaginal survival environment.These private parts can easily cause itching and acne with people with allergies.

3. Diseases factors

If the environment of private parts worsen further, a large amount of acne will breed when malignant bacteria invade vulva.Due to local itching and keeping your hands to scratch, it eventually led to local ulcers or necrosis.

There are also vaginal and urethral inflammation mentioned above, as well as some sexually transmitted diseases that cause acne.The other is folliculitis.Some women like to shave their pubic hair because they are more beautiful and dry.

The private parts are relatively large. Losing the protection of pubic hair will make bacteria more easily invading hair follicles.In addition, it is very easy to deal with improper injuries when shaving, which can cause folliculitis and cause a lot of acne.

If you have acne in private, it is best to go to the hospital for gynecological examination, including vaginal mirror examination, leucorrhea routine examination, etc., you can assist in judging whether there are diseases such as vaginitis.In addition, pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of private parts.

3. How to keep the private parts clean?

In order to avoid acne, it is recommended that women maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of their private parts daily to reduce the chance of bacterial breeding.Change the underwear, it is best to change it every day, and change the sanitary napkin or sanitary cotton every four hours during menstruation.After urinating, wipe it clean with a paper towel, and try to go to the public bathroom, pool and other places as little as possible.

Do not use some washing agents to rinse the vulva, which will destroy the acid -base balance of the genitals and reduce the ability to resist the harmful bacteria in the private parts.In addition, if you need to eliminate pubic hair for reasons, it is best to make preparations before removing, and you must be careful and gentle.

One or two acne appearing on the face, or acne on the back of the chest, is often what happened. However, for women, one or two acne is sometimes gone in the private parts.Not gynecological inflammation.

Not all private acne is caused by gynecological diseases, but it is best to go to the hospital for examination.Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts to prevent acne.

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