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Women need to be alert to acupuncture and weight loss taboos

In winter, for a lot of beautiful eyebrows, it is a major difficult time for losing weight. Many methods have been tried, but the weight remains unchanged, which makes many people feel discouraged. It can make you easy to become slim, but for some women, acupuncture to lose weight is also taboo.

Contraindications: Postpartum and postpartum menstruation is not suitable for acupuncture without recovery

Experts said that recently, many new mothers are eager to lose weight just after confinement. The endocrine level of women who give birth to the baby is gradually recovering. According to clinical experience, acupuncture to lose weight during this period is indeed ideal.

However, she reminded the new mothers who intend to lose weight through acupuncture to try to give their children after quitting milk, because acupuncture to lose weight needs to cooperate with diet conditioning.

For example, using fish and chicken to replace pork, beef and lamb, but for women who are still breastfeeding, doing so may affect the nutritional ingredients of milk, so you should wait for the child to abstain from milk.

Contraindications 2: Still need to cooperate with diet conditioning+exercise

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation, and acupuncture to lose weight is no exception. Experts said that for everyone who receives weight loss treatment in the Department of Acupuncture, after confirming the indications with acupuncture to lose weight, the physique of the weight loss person must be determined.

Experts introduced that acupuncture to lose weight has a basic set of acupuncture, but for people of different constitutions, they also need to cooperate with syndrome differentiation, such as spleen deficiency and humidity obese people. Essence

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