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Women often do 5 things, which can easily lead to decreased estrogen secretion, please pay more attention

Recently, Xiao Zhou felt that the wrinkles on his face had increased a lot. It felt that the essence was obviously not as good as before, but he didn’t know why. After telling this to her girlfriend, her girlfriend told her that most of them lacked estrogen in her body. Let her go to the hospital to see it. After a long time, she became old and ugly.

Xiao Zhou was a little doubtful about his girlfriend’s statement, so he sent a private message to ask the editor. Is the lack of estrogen really as the girlfriend said? Next, follow the editor to learn about Xiao Zhou’s doubts.

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Insufficient estrogen, women will become old and ugly?

Indeed, when women lack estrogen, women’s appearance changes. Because estrogen is a necessary hormone that maintains the second sexual characteristics of women. Once the estrogen is deficient, women’s skin will become rough, pores, dullness, and long wrinkles. At the same time Performance.

In addition to changes in appearance, estrogen deficiency can also cause women to have menstrual abnormalities, backache back pain, and irritability, because the estrogen secretion is insufficient, the endometrium of women’s uterine endometrial and smooth muscle will not be normal. The menstrual cycle of women is extended, and even a few months of menstruation will even come;

Back pain caused by estrogen will spread along the spine direction, and the symptoms will be relieved when lying down and lying in flat lying, but the pain will increase when we are tired, seated for a long time, and exercise;

In addition, the insufficient estrogen in women will cause the cerebral cortex layer to be affected, and the chance of women’s adverse emotions will increase. A little thing in daily life may make her lively, and the time feels irritable and unable to suppress her emotions.

For women, abnormal estrogen decreases, and it has a lot of contact with some bad habits in life. See if these things are doing?

Women’s estrogen decreases, most of them are doing more things

1. Dietary diet

Many women’s daily diet is irregular, hungry, either eat or eat. Maintaining such a dietary habits is very unfavorable to gastrointestinal health and endocrine system health, which can easily lead to functional damage, and then a series of abnormal symptoms.

2. Unstable work schedule

“Don’t afford it in the morning, don’t sleep at night” is a common problem for many young people. Long -term maintenance of such habits will cause the body to be unable to get enough rest time. The endocrine system will cause disorder, and then cause problems with estrogen secretion.

3, uncomfortable mood

I believe everyone has heard of the phrase “anger hurting the liver”. In addition to hurting the liver, bad emotions also have a great impact on our endocrine system. Under the adverse emotions for a long time, it is easy to induce the circulation of the endocrine system to be affected, reduce estrogen secretion, and the temper will become more irritable and form a vicious circle.

4. Exercise is not diligent

The lack of sports will lead to the speed of blood circulation and slowing metabolism in the body, and a large amount of toxin accumulation in the body will bring a series of adverse effects on health. And lack of exercise can also lead to body obesity, and obesity is also likely to induce various diseases.

5. A lot of pressure

Due to the fast work and life rhythm, many people are in a state of excessive pressure for a long time, and excessive pressure is also very unfavorable for our health. Excessive stress will cause excess sugar cortex hormone, and the function of the immune system and endocrine system will be affected.

How do women who have appeared estrogen deficiency, how to improve their own situation? Or you can make adjustments from these things.

If you want to supplement estrogen, these 3 kinds of food may wish to eat more

First of all, you can make adjustments from the diet. You can eat more beans appropriately. The estrogen content contained in soy products is very rich, which can play a certain effect of supplementing estrogen;

Fish can also be eaten appropriately, because the fish is rich in protein and antioxidant substances, which can improve the hormone level in the body after entering the body; Eating more can help balance the level of estrogen in the body.

Secondly, we must pay attention to maintaining regular habits in daily life. Pay attention to sleep early and get up early. There must be 7 to 8 hours of sleep time every day. It is best not to stay up late.

Third, it is recommended to exercise appropriately. Pay attention to the step -by -step exercise. Do not blindly choose projects with high intensity. Choose it with the situation that your body can adapt, and pay attention to long -term persistence.

Fourth, when you feel stressful and emotional, you can go out or talk to others. Do not let yourself be in negative emotions. If necessary, you can go to a professional hospital for help.

Estrogen has a very important role in women’s health. It is recommended that women pay more attention to their physical condition and adjust them in time in time.

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