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Women: Once a year in medical examination, different ages have their own focus, and 4 projects must also be done!

With the improvement of living standards, people also pay more attention to physical health, and physical examinations have become more convenient than before. However , I do n’t know how to choose for a while … physical examination, what do you have to check?

1. Is it necessary for regular physical examination?

Physical examination, that is, physical health examination, refers to physical examination through medical observation or laboratory. It mainly includes appearance, blood tests, urine examination, otolaryngology, organ examination, gynecological examination, and so on.

The medical examination is very necessary and important for maintaining human health. In life, we will encounter large and small diseases. Some diseases are obvious, but some diseases are very hidden.

Or some early diseases, without symptoms, can only be discovered through health checkups. After receiving treatment in time to prevent the continued deterioration of the disease. Therefore, even healthy people are recommended to conduct regular medical examinations.

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Second, these 4 projects, women grit their teeth and do it!

For women, there are several medical examination items for women’s diseases.

Cervical cancer screening

The incidence of cervical cancer in the women’s population is very high, and the main cause is the infection of HPV virus. Early cervical cancer can achieve clinical cure if it is effectively controlled and treated. Therefore, early discovery and early treatment are particularly important.

The main means of cervical cancer screening include TCT tests and HPV virus detection. The TCT examination is a tissue sample on the cervical surface, allowing the cervix to fall off the cells into the fixing solution at the bottom of the bottle, and finally observe it with a microscope. [1] HPV virus test is to observe whether cervical mucus contains HPV virus.

Breast cancer screening

Generally, breast tests are first used in color Doppler ultrasound, but molybdenum target examination is one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer. In the case of the color Doppler ultrasound, the molybdenum target can be adopted.

Middle -aged and elderly women over 40 years of age are recommended to perform molybdenum targets every other year. If there is a family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer, it is recommended to do a more frequent examination. [2]

Blood lipids, blood glucose detection

I believe that many older middle -aged and elderly people are troubled by the “three highs”, and women are no exception. There is a close relationship between high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Excessive blood sugar is not conducive to controlling diabetes.

Regularly monitoring your own blood lipids and blood sugar levels can help prevent and control early or being developing diseases. Women who are aged over 45 are recommended to check blood lipids and blood sugar regularly every year.

Osteoporosis screening

Affected by the changes in estrogen levels after menopause, women are prone to osteoporosis. Senior women over 65 years of age are recommended to do bone density testing once a year, understand bone conditions, and timely receive treatment.

3. What examinations should women do at different ages?

Women after the age of 20 are recommended to conduct systemic health examinations every 5 years, including cervical cancer screening and sexual dissemination diseases, such as HIV and gonorrhea virus.

After the age of 30, women will start to add blood sugar examination. The incidence of type II diabetes increases with age, so blood sugar testing as soon as possible and control can effectively prevent diabetes. In addition, women will also start screening of HPV viruses after 30 years of age to prevent cervical cancer.

After 40 years of age, women recommend blood lipids, especially those who smoke and drink. People with basic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension will face higher risk of hyperlipidemia.

After the age of 50, breast cancer should be screened to perform B -ultrasound in the breast. If there is a nodule, further MRI or molybdenum target examination should be performed. In addition, the incidence of bowel cancer over 50 years of age is very high. At the age of 50, intestinal lesions can be detected in time.

Fourth, precautions before and after physical examination

Li Hongyu, director of the Inspection Department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that during a health check -up, we must follow the following precautions.

Two days before the physical examination, it is not appropriate to exercise violently

Li Hongyu said that exercise and emotional fluctuations can affect human endocrine, metabolism and neural function, and cause changes in blood and body fluid components. After strenuous exercise, the composition and value of blood will occur for a period of time. Therefore, do not do severe exercise two days before the physical examination, especially before blood tests, avoid all exercise.

You cannot eat breakfast on the day of the medical examination

Many human examinations know that you can’t eat breakfast, but don’t know why you can’t eat it. This is because after meals, blood lipids, blood sugar, and blood potassium will increase, affecting numerical judgments. Generally speaking, the empty stomach standard is 8 to 14 hours without calorie intake. Do not eat breakfast on the morning of the medical examination.

Precautions for blood collection

Li Hongyu pointed out that the physical examination and testing requirements are required to collect empty abdominal blood from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, and should not exceed 12: 00 at the latest. This is because human metabolism fluctuates one day, and the reference range of blood test data is based on 8 am.

Be careful before and after menstruation

For women, check the physiological period for examination. For example, urine tests, mixed with blood in urine samples will affect the ingredients of urine. It is also best to choose a breast ultrasound examination one week after menstruation. At this time, hormones in women’s body return to normal level.

Most people are often negligible for physical examinations. Even the annual regular physical examination arranged by the company is perfunctory.Some people are “dismissed” by tedious and complicated medical examination procedures.In fact, health examination is very important for health. The medical examination can help us discover some hidden early diseases and strive for the opportunity for treatment.Reference materials:

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